St Joseph's College Blackpool

Personal memories

Old boys are asked to contribute their memories of their days at Joe's, whether good or bad. If you would like to add your contribution, please contact me! We have fifty-five contributions so far. Why not send in yours now?

Here are the contributions so far.
Author Years at Joe's
Malcolm Crane 1958/1963
Bernie Thraves1957/1967
David Henry1942/1948
Terry McGreevey1952/1956
Stuart McKenna1952/1958
Joe Ennis (RIP) 1952/1958
John Sheard (RIP) 1951/1960
Derek Lore 1941/1946
John Gregson 1963/1970
Peter Corbishley 1953/1962
Peter Hartley1946/1951
Brian Sweeney1941/1948
Dave Connolly1960/1965
Tom Lomas1946/1955
Pat Nolan (RIP) 1939/1948
Paul Sloane1960/1968
John Kirkham1953/1959
Frank Wood1953/1962
Alex Dunn1950/1960
Jerry Edwards1954/1958
Paul Rayworth1968/1974
Dennis Clarke1961/1968
Steve Watterson1970/1977
Bernard Mellor1938/1943
Tony Whalley1942/1952
Peter Raleigh (RIP) 1953/1960
Vincent Naylor (RIP)1954/1962
Joe Wright1965/1971
Peter Collins (RIP) 1946/1951
Mike Siddall1959/1964
Gerard Mulholland (RIP)1955/1961
Eoin O'Sullivan1957/1966
Gerard Slavin1944/1951
Terry Wall1952/1956
Patrick Hodgkins1956/1963
Ray Wood1955/1965
David Rose1956/1967
Mike Melody1959/1964
Frank Hemsworth (RIP)1950/1955
Phillip Dowling1964/1972
Lawrence Whalley (RIP) 1954/1964
Terry Westhead1974/1982
Terry Taylor1962/1969
Brian Jones1945/1951
Bob Wheatley1959/1965
John Tipping1961/1966
Dale Thompson 1961/1963
John Carter 1955/1966
Harold Wright1943/1948
Barry Spencer1955/1963
Dick Smith1951/1956
Nik Jorgensen1951/1961
Stanislaw Klimek 1963/1970
Tom Irvin 1959/1966
Mark Doran 1963/1970


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