Before I offer my memories, a word on the awful experiences (to a greater or lesser degree) suffered by some of the previous contributors. In the light of more recent revelations throughout the Catholic world, perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was, as, even allowing for my total naivety at the time, I must have been lucky to have had no such treatment.

Coming from a home with an academically minded mother, there were great hopes for 'young Harold' who promptly failed the eleven plus, necessitating paying in order for him to join the ranks at Joe’s. That was in 1943. Interesting that the two entry streams in Form II, A for the exam passers and B for the likes of me, quite often failed to keep this difference in 'ability' as the years passed and some performance switching took place.

In reading some of the memories, I was able to recognise names from my past but the only two whom I can remember without prompting are Alan Hayhurst from Hambleton and Noel Melling from Preston. The former I always think of when driving through Hambleton and the latter when I see (or saw) Melling transport vehicles. Was that you, Noel, I wonder? 

Apart from doing quite well up to and including School Cert, all my happy memories are from the Rugby. As a Colts team member, I once wandered up to the notice board to make sure I had been picked, only to find Bro. Ring (“Ah, such a pass”) had decided I was ready for 1st Team inclusion. I soon learnt that Full Back entailed a lot of running. I’m glad I played on the same side as George Carmen for on the occasions when House Matches put us on different sides, one soon found out that he had very sharp elbows! Highlight matches? Playing Arnold and the great rivalry there was and playing at Rossall where we always got coffee and cakes.

Much to the disappointment of the afore mentioned Mother, I left after School Cert, did an apprenticeship with the Rootes car group, did National Service at 21, and then went into selling. After various aspects in this, I finished in sales training. Looking back I don’t think I would change anything and I am glad to be able to say that, for me at least, my time at Joe’s was a happy one.

I remain fit and currently enjoy two wheeled hobbies both with and without engines.

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