Peter wrote this essay in February 2008. Sadly he died on 4th December 2016

I started in the September of 1946 with a group of my friends from St John Vianney and was in Class 3A in the annexe away from the main building. If memory serves me we were next to the Class housing the Prep schoolboys. Brother Goulding was the headmaster and the form master was Brother Butler. I remember finishing that first year a very creditable 6th, although I don't agree with the P T mark, possibly because I took an early dislike to rugby and the 2nd row I was put in. (see report)

I am on the School Photo of 1948 just two places to the right of Owen Oyston looking at the right hand side one of the two halves displayed.

I have to admit the academic side took some disastrous downturns as I found other interests away from school. Possibly my one moment of glory was winning the the Procter Half Mile Trophy for my Clifton House. It was particularly pleasing when I heard a sarcastic remark from Brother Ring saying as I passed "He will never keep the lead". Keep the lead I did, and won by 20 yards. My cousin Richard Moss was in the year above. However he was in a group of us, including Vincent Cobb, Peter Carew and Kevin Chappell who had a spell of playing truant and off course suffered the usual punishment when found out. It didn't seem fair somehow when Vic Buschini got permission to do a trip on his dad's trawler, and in the main that was all we were doing, going fishing in the ponds around the Fylde.

My memories academically were none too good. MY FAULT. However whilst the punishment was severe, and I had more than most, I have to admit I could never say I had not done something wrong. I certainly feel the discipline received, equipped me well for later in life.

I went into Engineering after school, serving an apprenticeship at Hawker Aircraft before going to sea as an Engineer Officer for a couple of years. I went back into aerospace component manufacture with local firms for most of working life. Married Sheila (ex Arnold) in 1962, and our eldest Damian Collins went to St Josephs, and was in the last 6th Form of the College before demolition. My youngest son Gavin went to St Mary's, playing for the 1st Fifteen, and daughter Gabrielle also went to St Mary's and excelled at athletics and netball. I have spent most of my leisure in support of Blackpool FC and local football.

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