Attended St Josephs from 1959 to 1965 and was a permanent fixture of the 'B' stream - was successful in avoiding participation on any team or individual sport and became a 'Librarian' to escape the rain during winter. Left in 1965 having passed 'O' level Mathematics (due to innate ability) but failing everything else to ultimately achieve academic success at the University of London with an Honours Degree in the social sciences.

My happy recollections are of Pierre Lavin - to whom I owe the ability to converse with my wife's French-Canadian family, and a great liking for A Christmas Carol narrated by a teacher whose name I cannot recall - but who had the remarkable ability to twitch his ears, also 'Tash' Worden who chose as our reader one year The Cruel Sea.
My other not-so happy recollections are of 'Brother' O'Brien whose brutality and inhumanity taught me the value of kindness, humanity and the defence of freedom against those who would repress it.

To my many former acquaintances - I wish you all well. I am now living, happily married, in California having become an American citizen which despite it all is still the land of the free.

I would enjoy hearing from my former friends please email me at

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