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The St Joseph's College Old Boys Association was formed in 1938 as a support group for the Old Boys of the College. Our current president is Malcolm Crane, our secretary is Garry Maddox, and our chaplain is Fr Walsh. Every year in March, we have an annual reunion dinner and a Mass for deceased old boys at English Martyrs Church, Highcross, Poulton.
I only found out about the existence of the Old Boys Association four years ago, when I came across an old school chum who I hadn't seen for  nearly 40 years. I attended the annual dinner last February and was gratified to be reunited with old friends whose faces had aged but  whose personalities were as exuberant as when they were at Joe's! I met Max Armstrong, our genial secretary, who asked me to build a website to publicise the Association, so that any other old boys who come across this website can contact us.
If you are an old boy and would like to join the Association, or if you have anything to contribute to the website, then please contact me. We will be delighted to hear from you.
Most important of all, I am always looking for material to add to the website, so if you have any photographs or you would like to add your contribution to the Memories Page, please send it in. This is your website and it is all your material. The website depends on Old Boys for their contributions. Also, please see below for some information which constantly eludes me.
With best wishes
John V Ward (webmaster)

My thanks to Peter Ellwood, who has solved the mystery of the ‘unfortunate episode’, where  Jailhouse Rock, was requested and played by Radio Luxembourg. Details can be found at the ‘unfortunate episode’ page.

My next problem concerns headmaster Spike Mulligan, who left Joe's behind, and deserted the Christian Brothers, all for the sake of a woman! Does anyone know of the circumstances of his elopement, or any details of his lady companion, as for instance, what was her name and what lunatic asylum had she escaped from?

If anyone has any information, please let me know!

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