Sporty Stuff. Rugger, cricket and cross country runs around the municipal dump.

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Bantams 1953/1954
Back Row.     ? Walsh, ? Marshall, ? Chapman, T Brown, ? McGreevey, A Dunn, ? Callandar.
Middle Row:  E Robinson, David Brown (RIP), ? Connelly, ? Longton (capt.), Louis Parkinson, G Hayhurst, ? Smith.
Front Row:    Stuart McKenna, ? Carr, ? McCauley, Ian Nixon.


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Cricket 1956
Standing: Neil McCauley, Granville Heap (RIP), ? McGee??, Robbie Barnes (RIP), Dick Smith, David Brown (RIP), Ken Brown.
Seated: George Eccles, Jim Etherington, Lou Parkinson, Stuart McKenna, Ian Nixon.

Cricket 1956
Back Row.  Neil McCauley, unknown, Tom Brown, unknown, Jim Etherington, E Robinson, Ian Nixon, Kevin Longton.
Front Row.  George Eccles, unknown, Tom Lomas, Gerry Edwards, Lou Parkinson.
Under 12 C team dated 24th April 1959 (strangely only 14 in the team)
Back Row. John Mason, unknown , Peter Docherty , David Price, Peter Cunningham, Peter Campbell, Richard Witrylak, ? Moore.
Front Row. Peter Singleton, ? Shaw, ? Carter, Peter Howe, ? McNiven, Denis Cameron.
Senior Colts 1955/1956. played 10. won 7, drawn 2, lost 1.
Back Row. Frank Shorrock, Tony Callander, Mike Walsh, Dick Smith, Alex Dunn, Tony Platt, Robbie Barnes (RIP), Eddie Snape.
Front Row. Bill McMullan, Ken Rigby, Gerry Carr, Wally Marshall, Granville Heap (RIP), David Brown (RIP), George Eccles.
Squatting at Front. Ian Nixon, Robin Bradbury.
Cricket 1952
Back Row. John Carrington (RIP), John Dawson, Mike Musto, John Cartmell (RIP), Paul Barnes, Gerald McEnnerney.
Front Row. John Townend, Allan Ellison, Brian Ellison, Pete Carew, Terry Connaughton (RIP).
WINNERS. Blackpool Schools Cross Country 1976-7
Brian Houton, Barry O'Cleirigh, Jamie Booth, John Walker, Vince Moss, John Dunn.
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Cross Country circa 1973
Back Row.     unknown, Tony Beswick, Kevin Mahood, Paul Metcalf, Graham Ince, unknown, Greg Duddle.
Middle Row.  Doug Heys, unknown, Dave Craven, David Evans, Anthony Scott, Joe Kalizcak, Rod Rees,  Ady Allen.
Front Row.    John Surtees, unknown,  Ashley Knowles, John Dunn, Karl Tague, Steve McDonald, Brendan Hanavan (RIP).
Rugby 1947/1948
Back Row. Bill Wiseman (RIP), Frank Halliwell (RIP), Peter Cavanagh, Pat Nolan, John McConville (RIP), Bill McGrahan, David Wilson (RIP), John Frehe.
Front Row. Harold Wright, David Lee, Ray Howarth (RIP), Johnny Moran (Capt.), J Lonsdale, Peter Tracey (RIP), George Carman (RIP).
Colts 1948
Back Row. [Jessie Ring]. William Bennett, T Bowes, Mike Mitchell, John Dawson, Peter Fewell, P Barnes, ? Molloy.
Middle Row. Paul Crook, ? Molyneaux, John Southworth, Brian Cronin, Charles Davies.
Front Row.   ? Riley, Black, Mike Gallagher (RIP), Allan Ellison, John Townsend.
Rugby under 12's  1971/72
Back Row. Stan McClear, Nick Proctor, Mike Newey, Tony Davidson, Mario Fletcher, Dave Whittingham, Patrick Groark (RIP), Mick Fyall (RIP)
Middle Row. Dave Evans, Graham Ince, Dom Ward, Andy Norris, Paddy Waters, Carl Blundell (RIP), Anthony Moore.
Front Row. Nick Townsend, Phil Cullen, Paul Franklin, Joe Kalizcak.
Rugby 4th year. 1979/1980
Back Row. Mike Towers, Chris Seed, Richard Coghlan, Paul Rigby, Kev O`Dea, Eddie Campbell, Dave Kelly, Ian Sharples, Dinesh Anandappa.
Front Row. Rob Pasqualino, James Blackburn, Vin Murtagh, Ian Nickson, Dave Prout, Frazer Bagnall, Anthony Parr.
Cricket under 15.  1950
Standing: Peter Hartley, John Cartmell (RIP), McEnerney, Brian Royle, Peter Mallinson, Ralph Lewthwaite, Mike Gallagher (RIP).
Seated: Geof Carrington, Andy Boyle, John Dawson, Mike Mitchell, John Townend, Mike Musto.
Rugby First XV 1974
Back Row. Chris Campbell, John Norris, David Thompson, Ian Butler, Sid Barks, Ben McKendrick, Tony Higgins, Donal O'Cleirigh, Steve Woodhouse.
Front Row. Phil Crawley, Andy Steel, Pete Harrison, Peter Chew (capt.), Tony Hart, Mick Parr, David Ashmole.
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Cricket First XI 1953.
Back Row. S Hannis, Peter Mallinson, P Howarth, Mike Musto, G McEnnerney, Ralph Lewthwaite.
Front Row. Mike Gallagher (RIP), John Carrington (RIP), Brian Ellison (Capt.), AMcIntyre, W Brockbank.
Athletics 1953. P Barnes of School House collects the trophy. The winner of the Victor Ludorum is John Carrington (RIP), later Carrots Carrington, French teacher.
J Smythe, P Hogan, J Hothersall (RIP) (Old Boys Committee), Woodpecker Woodhouse, P Barnes, John Carrington (RIP).
Cricket 1948
Back Row. George Sharpe, R Cookson, Peter Tracey (RIP), J Gladwin, J Gallagher, Johnny Moran.
Front Row. D Naylor, Mike Gorton (RIP), David Henry (capt.) John Murphy (RIP), D Anderson.
The flag flies for Doug Curson and the high jump.
Layton House undefeated rugby team 1947-1948
Back Row. Harry Moss (RIP), John McConville (RIP), Brian Sweeney, Johnny Moran, G Cudworth, Peter McGrahan (RIP), unknown, John Murphy (RIP).
Front Row. Ian Oyston (RIP), Bill McGrahan, John Bilney (RIP), D Lee, T McMillan (RIP).
Outing to the Lake District. June 1950
On this occasion, led by Bishop Pearson – Chairman of the Governors, Helvellyn was ascended via Striding Edge. Teaching Staff included in the photograph from Left to Right are: Br. Phelan; Br. Ring; Mr. McGee: Br. Browner; Br. Murphy; Mr. McGrahan; Br. O’Carroll; Br. Murray, Bishop Pearson; Br. Beattie; Br. Wall and headmaster Br. Woodhouse.

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1945 scout camp on the shore of Lake Windermere.
Back Row. Fr Caton, unknown, Derek Hogan, Bernard Cookson, Louis Caton.
Front Row. Skippy Hopkins, unknown, Billy McGrath, Derek Loré.

Victor Ludorum 1948
Rev Fr. T B Pearson (later Bishop Pearson), Johnny Moran, T D (Woodpecker) Woodhouse, Canon McManus.

Physical Training Display, School Sports 1956. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Cricket First XI 1955
Back Row. A Smith, Martin Hunt, John Tickle, Dave Royle (RIP), Dave Cummins, Peter Hurst.
Front Row. Mike McKenna, Jimmy Hough, Geof Carrington (Capt.), D Grogan, Jerry Edwards.

Rugby First XV 1953-1954 (defeated all comers except Fylde Colts and St Edward's, Liverpool.)
Back Row. G J Condron, Ged Harring (RIP), G McEnnerny, T G Carington, P Holden, Peter Hurst, Tom Lomas.
Front Row. B Glenn, Ralph Lewthwaite, A McIntyre, Peter Fewell (Capt.), Peter Mallinson, S Clarke, B Davis.
Front.          Peter Cummings (RIP), M Murray.
Athletics 1962. Winners of the Town Sports.
Back Row. Frank Greenhalgh, C Miller, W Berry, A Dunn, Bill Wright (RIP), D Corless, Tom Myerscough.
Front Row. Dave Ellam (RIP), John Oswell, Paul Nixon (Capt.), B Rafferty, R Kavanagh.
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Rugby First XV 1955/1956
Back row : ? Brophy, Dave Royle (RIP), J Callandar, ? Snape, Peter Lomas, unknown, Mike McKenna, Wally Marshall.
Seated :    ? Brophy, John Tickle, Peter Cummins, Peter Hurst (Capt), Tony Fewell, David Grogan, Tom Brown.
Ground :    Kevin Longton, Louis Parkinson.
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Cricket 1953
Top Row--George Eccles, Stuart McKenna, Tom Brown, Peter Swarbrick, Jim Etherington, (Boarder Unknown)
Seated --Ken Brown, Neil McCauley, Louis Parkinson, Ian Nixon, David Brown (RIP).
Cricket 1954
Top Row-- Ian Nixon, George Eccles, Dave Royle (RIP), Jim Etherington, J Hunt, Neil McCauley.
Seated --unknown, Louis Parkinson, Mike McKenna, Sugar Robinson, Kevin Longton.
Cricket 1955
Back row: unknown, Dave Royle (RIP), unknown, John Tickle, Smith, Hunt, unknown.
Seated : Chris Legard, Dave Grogan, Hindle?, unknown, Mike McKenna.
Rugby First XV 1963/1964 (They had a Campbell and a McDonald on the same side!)
Back row: Michael Beaumont, Dave Ellam (RIP), Harold Barnes, P Morgan, P McDonald, Graham Dean, B Riggs, Peter Singleton.
Seated : Peter Campbell, Janusz Halter, Brian Keenan, John Oswell (capt.), P Gribbon, Barry Smith, Gerry Miller.
Athletics 1955. Winners of the Town Sports and runners up in the Inter Grammar.
Back row: Tony Boak, Tom Lomas, T Brown, Denis Brophy, J Hindle, M McMullen, C Condron, F Ball, Harry Brophy, J Ashcroft.
Seated: F Gahan, Geof Carrington, B Davis (Capt.), Peter Hurst, G Lucas.
Front: K Rigby, R Bradbury, P Aukland, R Platt.
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Bantam XV forwards from 1954-55.
Back row: David Brown (RIP), Alex Dunn, Wally Marshall, Lou Parkinson, ? Robinson.
Front Row. Jos Hayhurst, Mike Walsh, Dick Smith.
Cricket First XI 1954
Back row: Peter Mallinson, Ralph Lewthwaite, Geof Carrington, P Carew, Peter Hurst, Ged Harring (RIP).
Front Row. H Fitzsimmons, A McIntyre, G McEnnerney (Capt.), David Grogan, D Cummins.
Rugby First XV 1954/55
Back row: Dave Royle (RIP), Pete Ward, Peter Hurst, W Brown, Michael Ireland, Tom Lomas, Jack Hindle.
Seated: Tony Fewell,  Peter Cummings (RIP), Colin Condron, Geof Carrington, Peter Mallinson, Sean Clarke, Brian Davis.
Front: Denis Brophy, David Grogan.

1964. Barry Smith, the high jump champion. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Cricket First XI 1961
Back Row. Stuart Hickey, Roderick Wilson, Richard Green, Jim Simpson, Jim Hindle (RIP), John Hornby.
Front Row. John Oswell, Brian Rafferty, Frank Cornwell (Capt.), Frank Alston, Chris Miller.
Rugby under 14 1961/1962
Back Row.    Gordon Ollivere, Paul Allen,  Mike Hughes,  D Sinclair,  Peter Isaacs,  Keith Argent, Tony Konieczek,  John Boak.
Middle Row. John Crahan,  Noel Wright,  Kevin Byrne,  Brian Melling (Capt.),  D Wilson,  Stuart MacIntyre,  Paul Carr.
Front Row.    David Iddon, Sean Murphy,  Keith Helme, K Walmsley,  Bernard Thraves, Bernard Crosby.
Rugby team 1st XV 1956- 57
Back Row. R Barnes, J Callander, John Tickle, Tony Boak, P Smith, G Hayhurst, N McCauley, D Forrest.
Front Row. David Brown (RIP), Louis Parkinson, Denis Brophy, D Grogan (Capt), Harry Brophy, Ian Nixon, K Longton.
Cross-country team. Third form 1972 -1973. 
Back Row. Unknown, Mark Rogan, Andy Blackburn, (John?) Molloy, Chris Chapman.
Front Row. Barry O’Cleirigh, John Maguire, Mark Gregory, Martin Atkinson.
First XV in the third form 1972-73. Jimmy Johns sports the latest design of tweedy fashion.
Back Row – Stephen Kemp, Dave Ashmole, Ian MacKenzie, (?) Ashworth, Adrian Parry/Hopkins, Andy Wilson, Andrew Blackburn, Tony Hart, Paul Chadwick, [Jimmy (why was he there??)]
Second Row – Phil McVan, Unknown, Laurence Deegan, Paul Chappel, Simon Groves, Mark Dennison, Unknown, Nick Gahan.
Front Row – Michael Murtagh, John Maguire.
Cricket First XI 1959. Bats were awarded to Ian Nixon (85 not out) and W Hindle (50 not out)
Back Row.  Hugh Livesey, George Rawcliffe, P Sinclair, Jim Simpson, P Aukland, M Foster, J O'Connor, Frank Alston.
Front Row. J Rogers, D Gardner, Ian Nixon (capt.), W Hindle, Frank Cornwell.
Rugby First XV 1958/59
Back Row. B Smith, Danny Gilson, M Foster, H D Smith, P Aukland, D Sandwell, Peter McCarthy (RIP), John Iddon, C Harrison, Kevin Hickey.
Front Row. P Sinclair, J O'Connor, Ian Nixon (Vice-captain), W Hindle (Captain), D Cunningham, I Luscombe, V Luscombe.
Rugby First XV 1960/61
Back Row. Tom Myerscough, M Forde, Vincent Naylor (RIP), A Dunn, M McBride, J Naylor, Frank Greenhalgh.
Front Row. Paul Nixon, J Hindle, John Oswell, Rob Shawcross (Capt.), David Elder (RIP), F Cornwell, R Kavenagh.
Cricket First XI  1961.
Back Row. Chris Pownall (RIP), Brian Rafferty, R Wilson, J Simpson, Vincent Naylor (RIP), John Barratt, Tony Hart, Frank Alston, George Rawcliffe.
Front Row. Chris Miller, Peter McCarthy (RIP), Frank Cornwell (Capt.), M Foster, Jan Rogers.
Cricket First XI  1962.
Back Row. Stuart Hickey, Tony Hart, John Swarbrick, Vincent Naylor (RIP), R Green, Tom Myerscough, J Hornby.
Front Row. Brian Rafferty, John Oswell, Frank Cornwell (Capt.), Frank Alston, Chris Miller.
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Rugby First XV 1959/1960 Played 16, Won 7, Lost 7, Drew 2. For 105 points; Against 115 points.
Back Row.    John Oswell, V Moss, Vincent Naylor (RIP), Adrian Dunn (RIP), Ian Luscombe, Martin McBride, Rob Shawcross.
Middle Row.  Danny Gilson, B Smith, Peter McCarthy (RIP) (Capt.), M Foster, D Cunningham, John Binns.
Front Row.     D Ball, Jan Rogers, Frank Cornwell.

John Oswell and Vincent Naylor (RIP) are wearing caps. This was Ted Schools' idea to reward players, not just of ability, but those who encouraged rugby-playing throughout the school. Vincent tells me he is quite proud of his cap and still has it.

Rugby First XV 1961/1962.
Back Row.    Paul Nixon, Martin McBride, John Naylor, Frank Alston, Tom Myerscough, P Morgan
Middle Row. Peter Kirkham, Brian McCarthy, John Oswell, Vincent Naylor (RIP) (Capt.), Frank Cornwell, Bill Wright (RIP), Chris Miller.
Front Row.    P Singleton, John Swarbrick.
Rugby under 12 'B' team.  1958/1959.
Back Row.   Martin Ryan, Laurie Dobson (RIP), Patrick Elder, Peter Anyon, W Sandwell, John Reel, Peter Cunningham, Bill Elston, W Stockwell, Bill McKenna.
Front Row.  Janusz Halter, Ray Wood, Ron Hogg, Peter Wells (RIP), Dudley Hoyle, Dave Cook.
Cricket First XI 1963
Back Row.   Harold Barnes, P Gribbon, Janusz Halter, Laurie Dobson (RIP), D Winter, Paul Ryan (scorer).
Front Row.   David Lynch, Tony Hart, John Oswell (Capt.), Stuart Hickey, Tom Myerscough, Chris Miller.
Rugby First XV 1962/1963.
Back Row.   Janusz Halter, Peter Singleton, Michael Flint, Denis Toohey, P Morgan, D Corless, Chris Miller, David Wright.
Front Row.   Mike Dickinson, Dave Ellam (RIP), John Oswell, M McBride (Capt.), Tom Myerscough, J Swarbrick, P Lewis.

Ron Hogg (centre) leads the way for Joe's, in the 110 yard high hurdles event at Blackpool Town Sports 1965. In the background is Joe Snow cheering on the Joe's chap.

Cricket under 15. 1962.
Back Row.   Janusz Halter, Ron Hogg, Edward Simpson, Dave Ellam (RIP) , John Reel, Tim Howe, ? Cornwell.
Front Row.   Michael Flanagan, John Birtwistle, Gerry Miller, unknown, Timothy Nixon.

The coveted rugby colours.

Athletics. Senior team. 1963/1964.
Back Row.    Michael Boniface, J Dickinson, M Schools, G Smith, Michael Bridge, Barry Smith, Frank Wall, T McHugh.
Front Row.   J McKeown, M Stephens, Tony Black, R Lindsay, John Oswell (Capt.), P Singleton, Ray Wood, Dave Ellam (RIP).
Rugby under 15. 1961/1962.
Back Row.    Janusz Halter, David Price, Dave Ellam (RIP) , Paul Docherty, Richard Green.
Middle Row. Ged Schofield, Graham McCarthy, Gerry Miller, Brian Keenan, Ron Hogg, Michael Flint.
Front Row.    Dudley Hoyle, Chris Riley.
Cross Country team 1963-1964.
Back Row.   T Nixon, Tony Bak, Michael Boniface, Peter Ainsworth, Frank Wall, Alec Ross.
Front Row.   Ray Wood, J McKeown, Tony Black, Michael Bridge, J Dickinson.
Rugby 4th Year. First XV 1972/1973.
Back Row.    Phil Swann, Steve Woodhouse, Anthony Wilcox, Dave Thompson, Peter Hadgraft, Donal O'Clerigh, Paul Maguire, Pete Harrison. [Butty Butterworth]
Middle Row. Peter Wilson, John Link, Martin Ward, John Norris, Mick Parr, Mark Ayre, Tony Higgins, Paul Chappell.
Front Row.    Mark McKendrick, Steve Cooke, Andy Steel, Mal McKendrick.
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Rugby under 12s. 1972/1973.
Back Row.    Philip Wade, Michael Charles, Mark Swann, unknown, Adrian Allen, Dave Mathews, Gerard Roston, Dave Craven, Peter Errington, unknown, David Crawford.
Middle Row. Andrew Holland, John Parker, Stephen Costello, Jonathon Coughlin, Owen ?, Michael Taplin, Terence Thompson.
Front Row.    unknown, Mark Wild, Brendan Hanavan (RIP), John Parr.
Rugby. lower 6th. 1973.
Back Row.    Chris Campbell, Mike Bridges, Tony Carson, Ian Butler, Chris Dean, unknown, unknown, Liam Robinson, Simon Boniface.
Front Row.    Patrick Crossley, Ron Weldon, Michael Audis, unknown, unknown, Anthony Schools, Phil Cawley.
Rugby under 12. 1969/1970.
Back Row.    Donal O'Cleirigh, Martin Murphy, Mark (Ben ) McKendrick , Mark Eyres, Paul Maguire, Peter Hadgraft, Martin Ward, Mick Lavelle, Mark Riches, Steven Cook.
Front Row.    John Norris, Peter Harrison, Tony Higgins, Mick Parr, Paul Chappell, Andy Steel, David Thompson.
Rugby under 13. A team. 1970/1971.
Back Row.    Mark Eyres, David Thompson, Steve Holland, Peter Hadgraft, Martin Ward, Donal O'Cleirigh, Mark (Ben) McKendrick.
Front Row.    John Norris, Mark Riches, Tony Higgins, Paul Maguire, Mick Parr, Paul Chappell, Malc McKendrick, Peter Harrison, Andrew Steel.
Joe's soccer team!
Peter Hadgraft writes: A competition was held to commemorate Harry Johnson, the Blackpool FC captain in the 1953 FA cup winning team. All Blackpool and Fylde teams were invited and we managed to persuade XR (Brother Ryan) to let us enter. Everybody expected us to fail. We were the very first winners of this award. I recall we played in the final on Bloomfield Road in about 20 degrees, wearing really thick and heavy 1st XV red shirts. Next day the trophy, complete with ribbon, was on the stage at assembly, but Headmaster XR and all below never mentioned it at all.
Back Row.    Tony Hart, Donal O'Cleirigh, Martin Ward, David Thompson, Peter Hadgraft, Paul Chappell, Paul Maguire.
Front Row.    Ged Gill, Peter Harrison, John Norris, Tony Higgins, Malc McKendric, Mick Parr.
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Cross country team. Year 3. 1979.
Back Row.    Andrew Higgins, Stuart Williams, Mark Horrox, Kevin Murtagh.
Front Row.    Patrick McCrystal, Ian Nickson, Stephen Corcoran, David Whiteside.

Athletics 1960. The Bung looks on in bewilderment as the future deputy head collects the Old Boys' Challenge shield.
 J McCann (RIP) (Old Boys Committee), Joe Bung, Peter McCarthy (RIP), P Morgan (Victor Ludorum).

One of the oldest images on this website. 1938, the presentation of the  Victor Ludorum to John Crosland (RIP).

John Crosland's daughter, Susan Crosland, writes: My late father (John Crosland) attended from about 1933-1938 leaving after getting his School certificate. He travelled in on the train from Lytham every day and walked up Church St from Central Station. When he left, he started training as an accountant before joining the Fleet Air Arm and going off to train in America. He flew Corsairs off HMS Formidable, an aircraft carrier which was part of the British Pacific (Forgotten) Fleet helping the Americans defeat Japan. He was awarded a DSC. Once back in Blackpool, he played for Blackpool FC through their great days in the late 1940s and early 1950s, his first FA Cup game being the 1948 Final at Wembley! He often thought he might have a son follow him to St Joe's but never expected one of his daughters to do so! (I attended St Mary's Sixth Form there in 1980-82).

John Crosland features prominently in a book entitled 50 Football Heroes: in War and Peace. The text selects fifty soccer players who have received awards for acts of valour and relates a micro biography of each individual with their football career and the details of their heroic actions.

50 Football Heroes: in War and Peace by Douglas Gorman & Robert Bradley retails at £10 plus postage and packaging and is available on Lulu through this link.

Inter School Sports


Peter Collins (RIP) and Pete Carew after competing in the half mile race.

Relay race 1950.
Johnny Moran, Gerard Addy, David Wilson (RIP), Peter Tracey (RIP).   A Pope looks on in the background.

Rugby First XV 1948/1949.
Back Row.   John Bilney (RIP), John Lomas (RIP), D Plumb, P Leigh, Ian Oyston (RIP), David Wilson (RIP), Bill Wiseman (RIP), D Lee.
Front Row.   Harold Wright, Doug Curson, Stanley Cliffe, J Gallagher (Capt.), M Baron, Terry Brophy, M McMillan.

Rugby Second XV 1956/57.  Played14. won 11, drawn 2, lost 1.
Back Row.    Mike Walsh, Frank Shorrock, Alex Dunn, John  Iddon, Dave Ennis, Peter Cross, Anthony Platt, ? Brierly, Eddie Snape.
Middle Row. George Eccles, Ken Harris, ? Kelly, Kevin Longton, Tommy Behan, Gerry Lucas, Nick Langton.
Front Row.    Bill Hindle, Victor Luscombe.

Rugby under 13's 1972/1973
Back Row.    Anthony Scott, Mike Newey, Anthony Moores, Mick Fyall (RIP), Tony Davidson, Nigel Bridge, David Whittingham, Paul Franklin, Nicholas Proctor, Kevin Cullen (RIP).
Middle Row. Joe Kalizcak, Stan McLear, Karl Blundel (RIP), Andy Norris (Capt.), Simon Townsend, Dom Ward, John Dunn.
Front Row.    ? Griffin, Graham Ince, Mark Buschini, Mark Jose (RIP), David Evans, Paddy Waters.

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Rugby First XV 1949/50
Back Row. Bernard Moon, John Gladwin,  Nick Colber,  Les Charles (RIP),  Charles Davies, John Lomas (RIP), John Wilson, John Carrington (RIP). 
Front Row. Stanley Cliffe, John Southworth, Gerard Addy, David Plumb, Mathew Baron, Gerard Slavin, Noel Melling.

Rugby First XV 1950/1951
Back Row.    Gerard Addy, John Lomas (RIP), Kevin Chappel, Charles Davies, John Carrington (RIP), Gerard Slavin, L Hurley.
Middle Row. Peter Fewell, John Southworth, Stanley Cliffe, Noel Melling, Paul Crook, T Bowes.
Front Row.    Allan Ellison, William Bennett.

Cricket Second XI 1956
Back Row.    D Ball, D Holden, Danny Gilson, T Brown, E Robinson, Robbie Barnes (RIP), T Farrell.
Front Row.    P Sinclair, P Aukland, A Stritch, John Tickle, J Molyneaux, W Hindle.

Cricket       Under 15      1956
Back Row.    D Ball, T Wilson, P Holden, H Smith, N Foster, B McKenna, J Rowe.
Front Row.    A Welch, P Sinclair, P Aukland, J Molyneaux, W Hindle, G Hindle.

Junior Colts 1956
Back Row.     B Smith, T Lee, J Houghton, P Gross, P Walshe, N Smith, G Lucas, G Jordan.
Middle Row.  G Robson, W Hindle, N McAuley, Ian Nixon, K Harris, D Luscombe, P Lowes.
Front Row.     D Riches, J Behan.

Bantams 1955/1956
Back Row.     J Hanrahan, Brian Shirley, A Foster, D Cunningham, D Sandwell, N Stevenson, H Smith, Graham Pickup (RIP), R Platt.
Middle Row.  I Luscombe, P Granelli, J Molyneaux, Paul Aukland, P Sinclair, R Derbyshire.
Front Row.     M McCarthy, G Hindle.

The Magnificent Sevens who reached the semi-final in the Manchester 7's 1963
Back Row.     Janusz Halter, Dave Ellam (RIP), Michael Flint.
Front Row.     Mike Dickinson, John Oswell, M McBride, Tom Myerscough.

Rugby First XV 1964/65 ( A Campbell and a McDonald in the same team!)
Back Row.   M Schools, M Kellaway, Eoin O'Sullivan, Bill Sharples, David Elder (RIP), P Allen, Peter Isaacs, Keith Helme.
Front Row.   P McDonald, Chris Fenney, Peter Campbell, Graham Dean, M Beaumont, Barry Smith, D Wilson.

Cricket   First XI  1957
Back Row.   P Symes, J Gardner, N McAuley, J Hendricks, W Hindle, J O'Connor, P Sinclair.
Front Row.   John Tickle, G Eccles, D Grogan (capt.), J Etherington, Ian Nixon, Louis Parkinson.

Junior cross country team 1959
Back Row.     J Harrison, P Anyon, Roy Scott, D O'Sullivan, R Flynn, Ged Schofield, W Stockdale, K Salisbury.
Front Row.     Anthony Snape-Jenkinson (RIP), P Howe, P Fielding, D Riding, P Kirkham, J Berry, Tony Beresford (RIP).

Rugby First XV 1957/58  Somebody has spilt coffee over the face of the future deputy head. It wern't me, guv!    
Back Row.     Peter McCarthy (RIP), P Aukland, H Smith, A Gardner, John Iddon, A Dunn, J Edwards, M Walsh.
Middle Row.  M Foster, N McAuley, G Hayhurst, Robbie Barnes (RIP) (capt.), Denis Brophy, Ian Nixon, V Luscombe.
Front Row.     W Hindle, K Longton.

Cricket First XI 1956.

Back Row.     Granville Heap (RIP), L Parkinson, N McAuley, J Etherington, Peter Lomas, J Edwards, Ian Nixon.

Front Row.     G Eccles, D Cummins, D Grogan (capt.), Tom Lomas, unknown, N McKenna.

Boxing team 1964-1965
Back Row.     S Newall, D Wells, T Welsh, T Glenny, Nigel Baines, M Canning, C Hall.
Front Row.     E Frankitt, P Ross, Paddy O'Byrne, B Kirby, W Blaisdale, N Blair.

Rugby First XV 1971/1972
Back Row.     Andy Boniface, M Lang, Steve Campbell (vice capt.), Richard Clarkson, M Slavin, P Glennon, David Friswell, N Gradwell.
Front Row.     S Doherty, Peter Chew, M Weir (Capt.), Stephen Friswell, C Glennon, Steve Fenney, C Macklin.

Athletics under 15 team 1957. Winners of the Br Robinson Cup.
Back Row.     G Ackers, A Schofield, A Dunn, D Sandwell, C Hill, Brian Shirley, M Brennand.
Front Row.     J Molyneux, C Harrison, Frank Muscroft, F Mitchell, J Hindle.

Cricket First XI 1965
Back Row.     David Wilson, Michael Schools, Eoin O'Sullivan, Peter Campbell, Ian Hickey (RIP).
Front Row.     M Kellaway, Paul Sumner, Stuart McIntyre, Peter Sumner, Edwin Picton, Tony Lindsay.

Senior cross country team 1962-1963
Back Row.     Peter Beckett, Tony Bak, Ken Osborne, David Cook, Frank Wall.
Front Row.     Michael Walsh, J Gornall, J McKeown.

Senior athletics team 1965
Back Row.     Michael Bridge, Keith Helme, Stefan Picewicz, D Wilson, M Schools, Bill Sharples, Trevor McHugh.
Front Row.     Tim Mara, Peter Isaacs, Barry Smith, Sean Murphy, Ray Wood, David Dugdale.

Senior Cross Country Team   1964-1965
Back Row.   M Bridge, Brian Walsh, M Schools.
Front Row.   Philip Murray, Ray Wood, D Wilson, Sean Murphy.

Track and field/athletics team   1963
Back Row.   Frank Greenhalgh, Dave Ellam (R.I.P.), Paul Corbeil, David Cook, Peter Singleton, Greg Smith,? McKeon, John Oswell.
Front Row.   Mick Stevens, Paul Lindsey, Tom Myerscough (Capt), Tony Black, Michael Walsh, Chris Miller.

Rugby First XV 1970/1971
Back Row.   M Benson, P Glennon, Andy Boniface, K Brown, Donald McLoughlin, Peter Morris, B Johnson, C Macklin.
Front Row.   David Holland, F Marrow, Brian Kirby, B Friswell, M Weir, Steve Friswell, Steve Campbell.

Rugby 1971
Back Row.      Unknown, Unknown, W Millar, Unknown, Unknown,
Middle Row.   P Morris, P Glennon, M Lang, S Campbell, M Slavin, Unknown
Front Row.     Unknown, Unknown, N Gradwell, Bob Johnson, Fred Marrow, M Weir, S Friswell.

Rugby Under 14 B team 1961/62
Back Row.    P Singleton, ? Ireland, Paul Corbeil, Frank Ward, John Moxham, Mike Cannon, Janusz Halter, Billy Elston, Andrew Aukland
Front Row.    ? Donovan, Denis Cameron, Bill McKenna, Ron Hogg (Cptn), Laurie Dobson (RIP), Peter Wells (R.I.P.), Patrick Elder.

Bill Berry winning the school mile race. 1962

Senior cross country team 1961-1962
Back Row.      David Cook, Peter Beckett, Graham Dean, Michael Walsh, Donal O'Sullivan, ? Reynolds, Peter Kilroy.
Middle Row.   Peter Doherty, Clive Pickering (R.I.P.), unknown , ? Hegarty (Capt), Andy Bak, Frank Wall.
Front Row.     Ken Osborne, Ray Wood.

Athletics Senior 1964
Back Row.   Mike Boniface, J Dickinson, ? Scholes, Greg Smith, Mike Bridge, Barry Smith, Frank Wall, John McHugh.
Front Row. ? McKeon, Mick Stevens, Tony Black, Paul Lindsey, John Oswell (Capt), Peter Singleton, Ray Wood, Dave Ellam (R.I.P.)

Athletics circa 1977
Back Row.   Phil Cullen, John Parr, Tim Clarke, Adrian Hopkins, Kevin Cullen (RIP), Nick Procter.
Front Row.   Barry O'Cleirigh, unknown, Simon Groves, Stephen Woodhouse, Dave Craven.

Rugby 1977/1978
Back Row.      Phil Cullen, John Parr, Anthony Moore, Nigel Bridge, Mike Newey, Anthony Scott, Nigel Edwards, unknown.
Middle Row.   Neil Kelly, Kevin Gleeson, Tony O'Connor, Bill Kellaway, John Norris, Brendan Hanovan, Kevin Cullen (RIP).
Front Row.     John Carr, Andy Brown, Carl Blundell (RIP), Nick Townend, Dom Ward, Jevon O'Neill, Phil Wade.

Athletics circa 1967/1968
From front to back: John Elwood, Michael Gould, Adrian Bradley, John Agnew.

Rugby 1965/1966 (They had a Campbell and a McDonald on the same side!)
Back Row.   George Duckworth, Mick Schools, Dave Dugdale, Peter Isaacs, John Lafferty, Keith Helme, Noel Wright.
Front Row.   Dave Wilson, Bill McDonald, Barry Smith, Peter Campbell, Stefan Picewicz.
Seated.        Michael  Kellaway, Chris  Fenney.  

Rugby 1961/62 Under 12s
Back Row.    Ian  Fenney, Dave Cartmell (RIP), John Lafferty, Kevin Walmsley, Tim Howe, Eric Newton, George Callaghan.
Front Row.    ? Barnes, George Duckworth, John Tipping, Eddie Picton, Dave Dugdale, Brian  McCan, Dave Tinsley.
Seated.         John Ratcliffe, Stefan Picewicz, Stuart Agnew.

Rugby First XV 1972/1973 (P J McCarthy introduced the plain red kit for the first team in the 71-72 season)
Back Row.    Dave Atkinson, Ged Bolton, Mike Swift, Richard Clarkson, Mike Long, Dave Lawson, Peter Chew, Steve Friswell.
Front Row.    Trevor Jones, Bernard Alston, Chris Cullen (RIP), Steve Doherty, Peter Rees, Steve Fenney, Chris Macklin.

Rugby First XV 1972/1973
Back Row.    Trevor Jones, Steve Friswell, Ged Bolton, Mike Swift, Richard Clarkson, Chris Macklin, Dave Lawson, Mike Long.
Front Row.    Peter Chew, Chris Cullen (RIP), Steve Fenny, Steve Doherty, Peter Rees, Dave Atkinson, Bernard Alston.

Rugby First XV 1971/1972
Back Row.    Nick Gradwell, Andy Boniface, Mike Long, Steve Campbell, Paul Glennon, Richard Clarkson, Mike Slavin, Steve Doherty, Dave Lawson.
Front Row.    Steve Friswell, Joe Kelloway, Peter Rees, Mike Weir, Chris Glennon, Chris Macklin, Bernard Alston.

Athletics circa 1953
Michael Gallagher (RIP), John Carrington (RIP), Stewart Walmsley, Barry Glenn.

Rugby First XV 1944/1945
Back Row.       O King, J Crosby, P Hughes, E Moon, C Gallagher.
Middle Row.    Johnny Moran, A May, F Barcroft, G Ross, J Smith.
Front Row.      P Callis, J Gallagher, A Mair, P McAleer, D Cookson.

Rugby First XV 1951/1952
Back Row.       John Cartmell (RIP), John Carrington (RIP), Stewart Walmsley, Mike Musto, David Hurst (RIP), B Cronin.
Middle Row.    Brian Joyce (RIP), L Hurley, John Southworth, Peter Fewell, John Dawson.
Front Row.      E Davies, Allan Ellison, Brian Ellison, Mike Gallagher (RIP).

Rugby First XV 1952/1953
Back Row.       Geof Carrington, Mike Musto, Gerald McEnnery, David Hurst (RIP), L Hurley, C Condron, P Howarth.
Middle Row.    Peter Mallinson, Mike Gallagher (RIP), Peter Fewell, John Carrington (RIP), Ged Harring (RIP), Stewart Walmsley, Brian Ellison.
Front Row.      A McIntyre, P Barnes.

Cricket 1960/1961
Back Row.       Colin Dawson (RIP), Tony Battersby, Ray Flynn, Tom Lillywhite, Terry Pye, Peter Gribbon, Paul Ryan.
Front Row.       David Lynch, Harold Barnes, George Booth, Tony Blakeman, Ernie Berry (RIP), Gerard Kennedy (RIP), Peter Singleton.

Rugby 1957/1958
Back Row.       unknown, Chris Walmsley (RIP), Rob Shawcross, Adrian Dunn (RIP), C Harrison, unknown, Anthony Wilkes, John Binns.
Front Row.       unknown, unknown, unknown, J Rodgers, John Wilkie, unknown.

House match, 26th October 1955. School House v Clifton House. Ref. Br. Mullowny.

School Sports Day 1977
Back Row.       Kevin O’Dea, Craig Dunsford.
Front Row.       unknown , unknown, David Mercer.

Pictures from the Fifties. No. 5 is Peter Hurst competing in the European Catholic schools hurdles in Germany. Any help with the names , anybody?

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Joes playing St Edwards in 1954.
Back Row.     Colin Condron, unknown, Peter Mallinson, ? Holden, Ged Harring (RIP), Peter Hurst, John Tickle, Peter Fewell, Ralph Lewthwaite, Geof Carrington. [Ref Martin Regan of Lancashire and England]
Front Row.    Barry Glenn, unknown, ? Davies, Peter Cummings (RIP), Anthony McIntyre, Michael Murray, unknown.
In 1959, some Joe's Old Boys formed a rugby club called the Old Josephians. Later the club became the Josephians and later the Blackpool Rugby Club. Click here to see some early photographs.

Rugby Under 12 or Under 13 B side 1960/1961 or 1961/1962.
Back Row.   C Salisbury, John Gaulton, Michael Hughes, Kenneth Whalley, Paul Bailey, Bernard Crosby, unknown, J Feeley.
Front Row.   ? Browne, Clive Boulter, Keith Helm, Keith Argent, Michael Blacoe, Noel Wright, A. Gillet.

1954 or 1955. The Victor Ludorum is won by Peter Hurst.

Rugby circa 1963
Back Row.      Alec Ross, John McHugh, unknown, Eoin O'Sullivan, unknown,  unknown, Steven Moore, unknown, Keith Hayman.
Front Row.      P Anderson, unknown, Alan Backhouse, Michael Bridge, Harry Nicholls, Michael Ellwood, unknown.

Cross Country  under 12's circa 1961
Back Row.       Sean Murphy, Peter Isaacs, John Boak, Kenneth Whalley, John Crahan.
Front Row.       Kevin Byrne, Brian Melling, Stuart McIntyre.

Rugby B or C team from 1960-1961 or possibly 1961-1962.
Back Row.       unknown, unknown, David Connolly, Paul Walker, David Cross, unknown, unknown, unknown.
Middle Row.    unknown, unknown, Geoffrey Atkinson, Paul Carr (Capt), unknown, unknown, unknown.
Front Row.       unknown, unknown.

Cross Country circa 1964
Back Row.       Philip Murray, Mike Siddall, unknown, Alec Ross, Steven Moore.
Front Row.       Martin Ryan, Michael Bridge, Chris Godbolt.

Cricket circa 1963
Back Row.       Ian Hickey, Peter Howe, Eoin O'Sullivan, P Kelly, David Sinclair, Steven Moore, Harry Nicholls.
Front Row.       Edwin Picton, Tony Harris, ? Evans, Stuart McIntyre, Tony Lindsey.

Athletics  1962
Back Row.       7 Mike Beaumont, 9 Barry Spencer, 12 ? Blackburn, 15 Peter Isaacs, 17 John Boak.
Third Row.       1 Stuart MacIntyre, 9 Barry Smith, 10 Tom Swarbrick, 12 Kenneth Whalley, 13 Mike Siddall, 15 Michael Bridge, 16 Brian Melling.
Second Row.  8 Kevin Byrne, 9 Peter Morgan, 10 Paul Nixon, 12 Sean Murphy, 14 Timothy Howe, 15 David Iddon, 16 Brian McCann, 18 Bernard Thraves.
Front Row.       11 ? Duckworth, 12 ? Fenney.

Rugby circa 1960
Back Row.       Chris Fenney, Stashik Wygladala, Peter Campbell, J Dickenson, F Blackburn, John Carter, Laurie Dobson (RIP), Paul Littler, unknown, unknown.
Middle Row.    Mike Beaumont, unknown, unknown, Barry Smith, unknown, unknown.
Front Row.       Martin Ryan, J. Nicholson, unknown.

Cross Country circa 1963
Back Row.       unknown, F Blackburn, P Kelly, J Dickinson, Eoin O'Sullivan, Bill Nye.
Front Row.       Philip Murray, Michael Bridge, Barry Smith, unknown, Mike Siddall.

Athletics circa 1962
Back Row.       Chris Godbolt, C Salisbury, Philip Murray, John Crahan, ? Shaw, Stephen Blacoe, Sean Murphy.
Third Row.       John McCord, J Dickinson, F Blackburn, unknown, unknown, David Wilson, Bernard Crosbie, Alec Ross, Mike Siddall.
Second Row.  Stephen Horton, unknown, Kenneth Whalley, Michael Bridge, Alan Frost, Steven Moore, Kevin Byrne.
Front Row.       Michael Ellwood, Stan Wygladala, A Lewandowski, unknown, ? Singleton, Bernard Thraves.

Cross Country circa 1961
Back Row.       ? Hickey, Brian Melling, Timothy Howe, A Lewandowski.
Middle Row.    Sean Murphy, C Salisbury, Kenneth Whalley, Kevin Byrne, David Wilson.
Front Row.       J Singleton, Geoffrey Atkinson, unknown, unknown.

Rugby circa 1962
Back Row.      unknown, unknown, Stan Wygladala, F Blackburn, John McCord, J Dickinson.
Middle Row.   Chris Fenney, Peter Campbell, Eoin O’Sullivan, Barry Smith, unknown, unknown, Mike Beaumont.
Front Row.      J Nicholson, Martin Ryan.

1962 School Sports
Frank Greenhalgh the pole vault champion. After achieving a 10 foot leap, the school wall posed no problems for escaping those double Latin periods.

1962 School Sports. 880 yards over 16 race. This was the first year the Sports were held at the playing fields at Staining.
(Left to right) W Berry, unknown, Mike Walsh (obscured), John McKeown, Peter Beckett, unknown.

circa 1962 School Sports. Presentation of the Shield.
The Bung, Paul Nixon, Adrian Dunn (RIP), J Barnes, Janusz Halter, unknown.

Track team from 1965
Back Row.     ? Sumner, Chris McGuire, Stefan Picewicz, Stephen Brown.
Front Row.     Tim Mara, Mick Schools, Sean Murphy, David Dugdale, Noel Wright.

1960/1961 Under 12 team A team. Played 16, Won 12, Lost 2, Drew 2. For 284 points; Against 42 points.
Comment from one team member: 'We absolutely clobbered some teams and never lost badly.'   
Back Row.     Bernard Thraves, John Boak, Michael Hughes, P Anderson, Keith Argent, Tony Konieczek, Bernard Crosby, John
Crahan, Paul Allen, Sean Murphy.
Middle Row.  David Wilson, Kevin Browne, Tom Swarbrick, Duncan Sinclair (Capt), Kevin Byrne, Peter Isaacs, Brian Melling.
Front Row.    David Iddon, Stuart MacIntyre, Edwin Picton, Gordon Ollivere.

Cricket First XI 1949.
Back Row.    Gerard Addy, H Moss, J Murray, B Quinn, J Gleeson.
Front Row.    T McMillan (RIP), R McHale, Robin Skudder, G Sharp, D Anderson, J Gladwin, J Gallagher.

Victor Ludorum 1949
Matt Baron, Doug Curson, T H McGlynn.

Sports Day 1952
John Carrington (RIP), Allan Ellison, T D (Woodpecker) Woodhouse, T H McGlynn, Fr Burrow.

Bantams 1955/1956
Back Row.    Michael Dearnley, unknown, unknown, ? Hill, unknown, Adrian Dunn (RIP), Charlie Harrison, Albert Schofield, Rob Shawcross.
Middle Row. John Molyneux, unknown, Jan Rodgers, Frank Muscroft, unknown, John Binns, unknown.
Front Row.    unknown, unknown, unknown, Chris Pownall (RIP).

Rugby circa 1957
Back Row.    unknown, John Binns, Charlie Harrison, Adrian Dunn (RIP), Michael Dearnley, ? Hill, Frank Logan, Albert Schofield, unknown.
Front Row.    Barry Spencer, Brian Rafferty, John Molyneux, Frank Muscroft, Jim Hindle (RIP), unknown, Rob Shawcross.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Cross Country 1973
Back Row.    John Murtagh, John Lynch, Paul Gleeson, Ged Higgins, Ged Curley.
Front Row.    Andrew Kirkham, Aidan Crilly, John Booth, Mike Bennett, Danny Newell.

Rugby Second XV 1972/1973
Back Row.  S Groves, J Monaghan, M Ward, Frank Gregson (RIP), P Maguire, G Lewis, M Bridge, Phil Swan, P Chappell.
Front Row.  J Link, M Baron, K Elliot, T Jacques, S Kemp, P Harrison, M Murtagh.

Rugby Second XV 1958/1959
Back Row.  unknown, Neil Stevenson, unknown, unknown, Danny Gilson, unknown, Andy Armstrong, unknown.
Front Row.  Eddie Stark, unknown, unknown, Gerry Lucas, unknown, Michael Fennech, Jackie Ellwood.

Soccer at Joe's! Staff v School. October 1967.

School sports 1968

David Dugdale breaks the school record with the javelin.

School sports 1968. The unique combination of water polo and hurdles never captured the heart of the sporting world.

Rugby 1955/1956 under thirteens
Back Row.    Paul Nixon, Robert Cookson, Frank Cornwell, David Elder (RIP), Martin McBride, Peter McCarthy (RIP),  A Hart, ? Gallagher.
Front Row:    Barry Spencer, John Oswell, Frank Greenhalgh, Bernard Lawton, Carl Dunkley, George Rawcliffe, Danny O'Connell.

Athletics 1969
Back Row.   Keith Foley, Paul Mercer, unknown, Richard Macklin (RIP), Paddy O'Byrne.
Middle Row. Bob Johnson, Nigel Baines, Fred Sumner, Steve Cawley, David Smith.
Front Row:   Peter Morris, Brian Kirby.

Rugby circa 1964
Back Row.    Ged Schofield, Brian Keenan, Peter Dougherty, Janusz Halter, Dave Ellam (RIP), David Price, Chris Riley, John Birtwistle, unknown, Dudley Hoyle.
Middle Row. Ray Wood, M Donegan, Graham McCarthy, Gerry Miller, Michael Flint, Richard Green, Ken Osborne.
Front Row:   Michael Flanagan, Ron Hogg, Timothy Nixon, Patrick Elder.

Rugby 1961
Back Row.    Andrew Aukland, Brian Keenan, David Price, John Reel, Timothy Nixon, Richard Green, Michael Flanagan, unknown, Graham McCarthy, unknown.
Middle Row. Ray Wood, Ged Schofield, Janusz Halter, Gerry Miller, Ron Hogg, Peter Singleton.
Front Row:   Bill McKenna, Michael Flint.

Junior cross country circa 1961
Back Row.    unknown, Stan Wygladala, Alan Frost, Peter Dougherty, Gerry Miller, Peter Cunningham, Graham McCarthy, Peter Howe, Michael Ellwood.
Front Row:   Michael Bridge, Timothy Nixon, M Salisbury, Ged Schofield, J Shaw, Steven Moore.

Rugby under 12 'A' team 1958/1959. P 11. W 9 D0 L2.  F 135  A 54
Back Row.    Brian Keenan, Ged Schofield, Timothy Nixon, John Birtwistle, Barry Smith, Richard Green, Dave Ellam (RIP), Graham Dean, P Gorman, Michael Flanagan.
Front Row:   Andrew Aukland, Michael Flint, Graham McCarthy, Gerry Miller, Dudley Hoyle, Peter Murphy, Dave Cook.

Athletics circa 1962
Back Row.    Ged Schofield, Ray Wood, Ken Osborne, M Dickenson, Graham Dean, John Birtwistle, Peter Dougherty, Michael Flint.
Front Row:   Dave Cook, Paul Corbeil, Dave Ellam (RIP), P Morgan, Gerry Miller, Peter Beckett, Timothy Nixon.

Athletics circa 1963
Back Row.     Ged Schofield, Michael Bridge, Peter Howe, Mike Cannon, Peter Dougherty, Peter Cunningham, M Salisbury.
Middle Row:  Gerry Miller, John Reel, J Shaw, Timothy Nixon, Ken Osborne.
Front Row:    Ron Hogg, Mike Siddall, Peter Beckett, Dave Cook.

Bantams 1957/1958
Back Row.     unknown, John Oswell, ? Hart, unknown, ? McBride, Tony Ledwith, unknown, Peter McCarthy (RIP), unknown.
Front Row:    George Rawcliffe, Patrick Grimley, ? Greenhalgh, Vincent Naylor (RIP),  Eric Caudle, Frank Cornwell, Jim Hindle (RIP).

Rugby 1954/1955
Back Row.     unknown, Peter Ward, Peter Hurst, unknown, Mike Ireland, Tom Lomas, Jack Hindle.
Middle Row.  Peter Fewell, Peter Cummings (RIP), Colin Condron , Geoff Carrington, unknown, Shaun Clarke, Brian Davis.
Front Row.    Peter Brophy, David Grogan.

Rugby 1st XV 1976/1977
Back Row.    Michael Murtagh, Dave Ashmole, Andy Wilson, Mark Baron, Steve Woodhouse.
Middle Row.  Adrian Allen, Simon Groves, Tony Hart, Adrian Hopkins, Michael Newey, Kevin Cullen (RIP).
Front Row.    Mick Holroyd, Keith Elliott, Dave Thompson, Steve Cook and Nick Townend.

Rugby 1st XV 1973/74
Back Row.   Chris Campbell, Trevor Jones, Sid Barks, Dave Thompson, unknown, Richard Clarkson, Andy Howe, Peter Chew, Ian Butler, unknown.
Front Row.   Phil Cawley, Steve Fenney, Simon Boniface, Chris Cullen (RIP), unknown, Mick Parr, John Norris.

athletics1955.jpg (744276 bytes)

Combined athletics teams circa 1955
Back Row.        10 Robin Bradbury 11 Kevin Hickey 12 George Eccles
Fourth Row.     2 John Tickle 3 Harry Brophy 6 Gerry Lucas 7 Terry Baxendale 8 ? Smith 9 Eddie Walsh 11 Dave Forrest
Third Row.      unknown
Second Row.   4 ? Rowe, 7 Paul Aukland, 11 Victor Luscombe
Front Row.   unknown

Young cricketers circa 1960
Back Row.  unknown, unknown, John Oswell, Barry Ratner, James Simpson, Paul Gardner, unknown, unknown.
Front Row.  John Barrett, Jim Hindle (RIP), Tom Myerscough, Frank Cornwell, unknown, unknown.

Peter Morris circa 1970

Cricket 2nd XI  1960.
Back Row.  Chris Dunckley, Jim Hindle (RIP), unknown, unknown, Vincent Naylor (RIP), John Barrett, unknown, Ian Nixon, unknown.
Front Row.  James Simpson, Barry Ratner, unknown, unknown, unknown, Chris Walmsley (RIP).

Rugby  2nd XV 1960/1961
Back Row.  unknown, unknown, unknown, Tony Hart, unknown, Chris Walmsley (RIP), unknown, unknown, unknown.
Front Row.  John Naylor, Arthur Heaton (RIP), unknown, John Devlin, unknown, unknown, unknown.

Cricket   2nd XI 1961
Back Row.  unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown.
Front Row.  Tom Myerscough, Vincent Naylor (RIP), Tony Hart, unknown, unknown.

Cross Country team 1962
Back Row.  Sean Murphy, Peter Isaacs, John Boak, Kenneth Whalley, John Crahan.
Front Row.  Dale Thompson, Kevin Byrne, Bryan Melling, Stuart McIntyre.

rugby1980.jpg (92944 bytes)

Rugby 1979/1980 
Back Row.     Kevin Gleeson, Craig Dunsford, Keith Harper, unknown, Sean O'Neill, Robin Long, Feargal O'Clearigh, Mick Dobson, David Barnes, Bill Norris, Mike Cawley.
Front Row.       Stephen Jordan, Stephen Shuff, Rob Parr, Simon Townend, Jevon O'Neill, Neil Kelly, Martin Clewlow, Neil Ashworth, Paul Waring.
On the ground. Pete Cambell, Christopher Wilson.

mysterypic049.jpg (145196 bytes)

School Sports 1963 or 1964
John McSpirit is way in front. 2nd left is Tony Todd and 4th left is Terry Welsh. Does anybody know any of the others?

mysterypic080.jpg (161211 bytes)

Rugby  circa 1961 to 1963
Back Row.  Paul Kowalski, Chris Szeptonowski, unknown, Peter Doyle, Ludger Dermott, unknown.
Front Row. Anthony Sumner, Tim Horan, John Tipping, unknown, Steve Cameron, Jim Coyle, Andrew Lowe.
On the ground. unknown, Sean Glenn.

mysterypic074.jpg (196308 bytes)

Rugby  circa 1961 
Back Row.     unknown, unknown, unknown, Eoin O'Sullivan, P Kelly, F Blackburn, unknown, Paul Littler, Stan Wygladala. 
Front Row.    unknown, Chris Fenney, Mike Beaumont, Barry Smith, Mike Siddall, Alan Backhouse, unknown.
On the ground. unknown, Alec Ross, Martin Ryan, J Dickenson.

mysterypic084.jpg (187269 bytes)

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Rugby  circa 1962 
Back Row.     Alec Ross, unknown, Andy McNally, Alan Backhouse, unknown, unknown, unknown, Chris Godbolt.
Front Row.    Harry Nicholls, unknown, unknown, J Dickenson, Mike Siddall, Michael Bridge, J Nicholson.

mysterypic090.jpg (153007 bytes)

Rugby  circa 1959
Back Row.     Mike Siddall,  unknown, Eoin O'Sullivan, Tom Swarbrick, unknown, unknown,  unknown, unknown, unknown, Andy McNally, Paul Littler, Steven Moore (in front), unknown.
Front Row.    J Nicholson, Mike Beaumont, Joe Fishwick, John Carter, unknown, Martin Ryan, unknown.
On the ground. Michael Bridge, unknown, Keith Hayman, Stan Wygladala, Chris Godbolt, John McCord.

mysterypic088.jpg (124498 bytes)

Cricket circa 1958
Back Row.     Frank Cornwell, unknown, unknown, unknown, Barry Ratner, unknown.
Front Row.    D Ball, D Sinclair, ? Starkie, unknown, unknown.

cricket1951.jpeg (141919 bytes)

Cricket First XI circa 1951
Back Row.    John Cartmell (RIP), John Dawson, Geof Carrington, H Moss, Mike Musto, Max Romer (RIP).
Front Row.    Ralph Lewthwaite, Mike Mitchell, Brian Ellison (Capt.), Allan Ellison, Gerald McEnnerney.

400yards1951.jpeg (199613 bytes)

400 yards (under 14) circa 1951
Tom Brown, J McCormack, P Howarth, B Davis, G Butler.

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400yardsunder16.jpeg (107294 bytes)

M Mitchell wins the 400 yards (under 16) circa 1951

mysterypic086.jpg (132126 bytes)

Athletics circa 1959
Back Row. unknown, Jack Elwood, Bill Wright (RIP), Derek Sandwell, unknown, unknown, unknown, Patrick Morris, unknown.
Front Row. John Oswell, unknown, Adrian Dunn (RIP), John Iddon, Peter McCarthy (RIP), unknown, unknown.

mysterypic075.jpg (174153 bytes)

Rugby circa 1964
Back Row. unknown, Graham Dean, unknown, unknown, Lawrence Whalley, unknown.
Front Row. Rob Murphy, unknown, Frank Greenhalgh, unknown, P Lewis, Mike Dickinson, unknown.
On the ground. Peter Singleton, unknown.

mysterypic013.jpg (150761 bytes)

Athletic team 1960-1961. The team competed on the Oval No. 1 in Stanley Park for the inter-schools competition.
Back Row. David Wright, unknown, unknown, unknown, Tony Hegarty, Paul Nixon, unknown.
Second Row. unknown, Lawrence Whalley, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown. 
Third Row. unknown, unknown, Frank Greenhalgh, Adrian Dunn (RIP), John Oswell. Barry Spencer, Jim Hindle (RIP).
Front Row. unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown.

mysterypic069.jpg (147763 bytes)

Athletics circa 1972-1973. I don't know who the runners are, just the two onlookers.
Running. unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown.
Looking on from the stand. Paul Chappell, Peter Borysiewicz.

harryjohnston1.jpg (111557 bytes)

In 1975, Joe's won the Harry Johnston Trophy (soccer) for the second time. The event was marked by a celebration dinner on 5th May 1975. The progress to victory was not easy. An opposing player broke a leg and there was a pitch invasion. The Gazette's headline ran 'Fighting Pupils Storm Cup Pitch'. Click here for the pictures.

mysterypic048.jpg (170635 bytes)

Rugby  circa 1962
Back Row. unknown, unknown, Peter Morgan, Greg Smith, Lawrence Whalley, Mike Dickinson, John McKeown, unknown.
Front Row. J Wilcock, Josh Perrins, unknown, Peter Gribbon, Peter Singleton, Robert Murphy.
On the ground. Harold Barnes, unknown.

mysterypic056.jpg (111697 bytes)

Cricket circa 1958
Back Row. unknown, unknown, unknown, Tom Myerscough, unknown, unknown, K Keegan.
Front Row. Paul Nixon, unknown, Rod Wilson, unknown, unknown.

mysterypic077.jpg (118749 bytes)

Cricket circa 1961
Back Row. unknown, Harold Barnes, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Colin Dawson.
Front Row. unknown, unknown, unknown, Peter Singleton unknown.

mysterypic078.jpg (139909 bytes)

Rugby  circa 1962
Back Row. unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, John Naylor, unknown, Richard Green, Paul Nixon, unknown, unknown.
Front Row. unknown, unknown, Rod Wilson, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown.

bantams1955.jpg (494915 bytes)

Bantams 1955 
Back Row. unknown, Terry Lee, Pete Cross, Eddie Walsh, Docker Bird, Gerry Lucas, Robin Bradbury.
Middle Row. Bernard McKenna, unknown, unknown, ? Nixon, Bill Hindle, unknown, unknown.
Front Row. John Molyneux, ? Robson, Paul Aukland, Victor Luscombe.

1958secXV.jpg (360480 bytes)

Rugby 2nd XV 1958
Back Row. Peter McCarthy (RIP), unknown, Paul Aukland, ? Smith, unknown, Danny Gilson, unknown, unknown.
Front Row. unknown, unknown, unknown, Pete Sinclair, Gerry Lucas, unknown, unknown.

1923photo.jpg (310247 bytes)

Rugby in 1923!
Paul Crosby found this in the family album. He writes 'My father T A Crosby was there around this time, and was President of the Old Boys in the 1960s.'

1957under16s.jpg (350437 bytes)

Rugby under 16s 1957
Back Row. unknown, Danny Gilson, ? Smith, unknown, Eddie Walsh, Pete Cross, Bernard Smith, unknown.
Front Row. unknown, unknown, unknown, Billy Hindle, Tommy Behan, Gerry Lucas, Victor Luscombe.

firstxv1967.jpg (246887 bytes)

Rugby First XV 1966/1967
Back Row. WXR, J Ellwood, Anthony Sumner, A Berry, Stefan Picewicz, Noel Wright, Kevin Meehan, K Newton.
Front Row. Adrian Bradley, Brian McCann, S Cassidy, S Agnew,  George Duckworth, David Dugdale, K Lees, K Frizwell.

Athletics circa 1962    I don't know any of the names here! Please help me out someone!!
Back Row.   all unknown!
Centre Row. all unknown!
Front Row.   all unknown!

A collection of early sports photographs going back to 1939/1940.

Click here to see them.

1951 Gerry Slavin winning the mile. Gerry tells me 'Pity my face is down or you would have seen a clear resemblance to a young Clint Eastwood.' There is a good profile of Brother Murray and the half view with a book in his pocket could be Brother Coffey.

A human pyramid on the playing fields. circa 1936/1937. The boy on the left, holding the legs of the headless pupil, is Pierce Barry (RIP). Does anybody know the names of any of the others?

Junior Soccer 1963/1964
Back Row. Mick Shepherd, Mike Canning, Richard Hoggarth, Nick Brennan, Michael Dodgson, Dave Friswell, Geoff Ormerod, Andy Obrusik.
Front Row. Chris Nixon, Pip Molloy, Pete Skiba. Pete Gilmour, Dave Smith.

Rugby 1964/1965
Back Row.    unknown, Kev McAlonan, Jim England, Mike Canning, Joe Wright, unknown, Neil Durning, Don McLaughlin, Ken Ryan.
Middle Row.  Geoff Ormerod, Tez Speed, Dave Humphries, Brian Kirby, Pete Morris, Des Crilley, Dave Friswell.
Front Row.   Fred Marrow, Pete Manning, Dave Dutton, Pete Gilmour, Pip Molloy.
If you have any more old photos of the school, or you know the unnamed in the photos above, please contact me at:

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