In 1959, some Joe's Old Boys formed a rugby club called the Old Josephians. Later the club became the Josephians and later the Blackpool Rugby Club. Here are some early photographs.

First XV 1959/1960 (The first day in the Cub's history)
Back Row. Tony Boak, Denis Brophy, A Dunn, E Pavis, John Carrington (RIP), Terry Ryan (RIP), D Forrest, Harry Brophy, George Brieley.
Front Row. Anthony Fewell, L Hannis, E Crossland (Capt.), E Snape, B Brown, John Townend.

First XV 1960/1961
Back Row.    A Hallinan, J Mallinder, A Dunn, J Metcalfe, A Noon, L Hannis, S Jameson, Harry Brophy.
Front Row.   K Longton, V Luscombe, A Dunn, E Crossland (Capt.), unknown, unknown, D Forest.

First XV 1962/1963
Back Row.   Kevin Hickey, J Iddon, T Kelly, W Hindle, M Swift, I Hartley, W Crossland, D Shrimpton.
Front Row.   Ted Schools (RIP), B Kavanagh, A Hallinan, M Murray (Capt.), M Dickenson, unknown, A Farrell.

First XV 1964/1965
Back Row.     Kevin Hickey, M Dickenson, J Iddon, W Hindle, M Swift, I Hartley, J Etherington.
Middle Row.  A Dunn, D Corless, A Farrell, E Crossland (Capt.), J Hindle, J Freeman.
Front Row.     D Smith, John Oswell.

First XV 1966/1967
Back Row.     M Dickenson, W Hindle, W Layfield, M Gregson, E Crossland (Capt.), J Hindle, D Lee, J Iddon, C Anderson.
Front Row.     David Ellam (RIP), J Hindle, D Brooksbank, M Ryan, Ged Schofield, E Gardner.

Sevens Squad 1966/1967
M Dickinson, E Crossland, Jack Hindle, M Gregson, Jim Hindle, M Schools, B Riggs, M Ryan.

First XV 1967/1968
Back Row.     J Iddon, M Dickenson, Paul Littler, C Anderson, W Layfield, M Gregson, Jack Hindle, D Shaw, J McCann.
Front Row.     K Flint, A Maitland, Baz Ratner, M Ryan, E Crossland (Capt.), Jim Hindle, P Singleton, D Iddon.

Second XV 1967/1968
Back Row.     A Farrell, E Thompson, E Nicol, W Layfield (Capt.), R Layfield, S Bywater, C Anderson, M Thompson, D Taylor.
Front Row.     A Maitland, J Corry, D Porter, M Maitland, B Kellaway, A Watson, K Ryan.

First XV 1968/1969
Back Row.     Paul Littler, W Layfield, M Gregson, M Dickinson, B Franchi, J Hindle, P Singleton, Ted Schools (RIP).
Front Row.     D Iddon, Martin Ryan, W Hindle, E Crossland (Capt.), J Iddon, A Maitland, D Dugdale, Noel Wright.

First XV 1969/1970
Back Row.    J Ellwood, M Swift, W Hindle, C Flint, J Longworth.
Middle Row.  D Iddon, M Dickinson, Jack Hindle, E Crossland (Capt.), Paul Littler, M Gregson.
Front Row.     G Duckworth, A Maitland, B Eaton, Jim Hindle.

First XV 1970/1971
Back Row.    D Brooks, I McNeal, W Hindle, M Swift, P Manning, P McCarthy, M Dickinson, A Maitland, J Longworth.
Front Row.   Jim Hindle, A Bradley, Paul Littler, E Crossland (Capt.), C Anderson, Jack Hindle.

First XV 1973/1974
Back Row.    J Corry, Martin Hewitson (RIP), D Brooks, M Dickinson, W Hindle, D Clarkson, I Taylor, S Ingle.
Front Row.   P Isaacs, J Sumner, Ian Sharples, A Bradley (Capt.), M Maitland, J Hindle, C Fenney.

Second XV 1974/1975
Back Row.    I Fenny, I McNeil, J Aedy, P Hodgson, M Alexandros, V Archer, I Seddon, I Woodhouse, P Isaacs, C Wainscott (Capt.).
Front Row.   Ian Sharples, Chris Witrylak (RIP), M Maitland, D Clayton, J Burtonwood, J Hindle.

First XV 1975/1976
Back Row.    Paddy O'Byrne, D Corry, D Brooks, S Bywater, W Hindle, W Smith, B Friswell, K Glossop, P Manning.
Front Row.    B Alston, A Bradley, C Fenney (Capt.), P Trend, D Porter, I Taylor.

Second XV 1975/1976
Back Row.    D Porter, J Martin, Martin Hewitson (RIP), I Woodhouse, M Alexandros, G Bagot, P Milford, I McNeil.
Front Row.    D Ashworth, M Maitland, I Sharples, C Wainscott (Capt.), A Fenny, Chris Witrylak (RIP), W Proctor.

First XV 1976/1977
Back Row.    I Woodhouse, D Bostock, A Hoe, J Longworth, S Bywater, I Butler, W Hindle, D Brooks.
Front Row.    P Ross, C Fenney, R Keam (Capt.), A Bradley, L Robinson, S Lloyd, P Maguire.

Second XV 1976/1977
Back Row.    D Porter, I Seddon, G Bagot, R Clarkson, I Taylor, P Bass, B Friswell.
Front Row.    W Cairney, D Wignall, R Ashcroft, I Fenney (Capt.), C Wainscott, D Holland, S Fenney, P Cook.

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