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P J Murray was at Joe's from about 1950 to 1955. He eventually left the Christian Brothers to become a priest.

Murray's principal duty was to guard the stone ball.

Murray appears as a character in Leave a Light on for Jesus by  Vincent Cobb. 'There was a mini reception committee waiting for Erin on his arrival at school that morning. Brother Phillips was there, obviously, looking more severe and sanctimonious than normal; at his side was Brother Murray, a younger Christian Brother, and someone who had been especially kind to Erin in dealing with his problems; Brother Murray, as a rule, cared for the general welfare of the pupils. In the middle was the austere and forbidding figure of the Headmaster, Brother Woodhouse, or Woodpecker, as he was sarcastically referred to.'

Murray's obituary in The Universe
Murray is buried in Ince Blundell Cemetery.
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