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Form 1. 1956
Top: ?
Middle: ?
Front seated: ?
Prefects 1957/1958
Standing: Brophy, Hayhurst, Barry Beardsmore, Dixon, Dunn, J Edwards, Nixon.
Seated: Joe Ennis (RIP), M Brown, Barnes, Walsh, Chris Legard, Etherington, Turner.
Third Year. 1971/1972 (probably 3X)
Back Row.    Stephen Ashmole, Michael Collins, Bernard Dobson, Stefan Martins, Ian Briggs, Ian Butler, Steve Dimuantes, Mick Bridge.
Middle Row. Richard Statham, unknown, Peter Ashworth, Marcus McGinty, Joe? Lynch, unknown, Phil Campbell, John Booth, Martin or John Bennett (twins).
Front Row.     Norman Agnew, John Craven, Phil Cawley, unknown, Peter Beale, Dave Wood, Lance Parker, Chris Long.
Form 1X.  1970/1971
Back Row.  Mark Anderson, Anthony Hove, ? Worden, Patrick Groark, Paul Dobie, Adrian Hopkins, Andrew Williams, 'Jack' Eyre, Anthony Ashworth, Andrew Blackburn, Simon Groves, unknown.

Middle Row. Mitch McKendrick, Tony Harris, Phil McVeigh, Peter Richmond, Martyn McVeigh, Mark Baron, Martin Atkinson, Anthony Croft, Brian McCabe, Bryce Robinson.

Front Row. David Smith, Paul Rogers, Christian Cotterill, Keith Elliot, Doug Smith, Tony Ashton, Ged Rumfitt, Paul Martin, Paul Kendal, Stephen Lee.

prefects 194p.jpg (67001 bytes)
Prefects 1948/1949
Standing: John Bilney (RIP), John Gallagher, J Walsh, G Cudworth, D Anderson, M Knowles.
Seated: Doug Curson, Bill McGrahan, Johnny Moran, Ian Oyston (RIP), J Gildea.

Prefects 1964/1965
Standing: Vinnie Nathan, P Aukland, F Ward.
Seated: Derek Chadwick, Ray Wood, Graham Dean, Patrick Elder, Brian Walsh.

Pegleg and Form 1, circa 1955. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Prefects 1950/1951
Standing: Paul Crook, Noel Melling, Harry Moss, Pat Kelly (RIP), Paul Thorpe (RIP).
Seated: Gerry Slavin, Tommy Walsh (RIP), James Hood, Chris McConville.
3Y (or was it 3 Alpha?) 1972/1973
Back Row – Paul Chapman, Martin Craven, Andrew Barlow, John(?) Molloy, Victor Gomez, Martin Gleeson, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Mark Hothersall.
Second Row – John Szulc, Tim Chappell, Andy Williams, Andy Wilson, Andy Blackburn, Paul Dobie, Paul Chadwick, Tony Hart, Stephen Kemp.
Third Row – Phil Harris, Unknown, Unknown, Damian Smith, Julian Iwanski, Mark Gregory, Jonathan Dennison, Graham Airnes, Max McKendrick.
Front Row – Peter Bates, Unknown, Mark Dillon, Ged Farrell.
Sixth Form, Science. 1974.
Back Row. unknown, unknown, Paul Guy, Richard Carrington, Paul Smith, Charlie Coxall, Chris Blackburn, unknown.
Middle Row. Greg Lewis, unknown, David Bladen, John Rimmer, Chris Cullen (RIP), Steve McLoughlin, Peter Chew, unknown, Steven Smerdon, Paul Rayworth.
Front Row. Ian McLoughlin, Anthony Pearson, Bernie Krawczyk, unknown, unknown, Simon Barlow, Paul Sullivan, unknown, ? Stott.
Prefects 1960-1961
Back Row. Peter Ellwood, David Elder, Frank Cornwell, Vincent Naylor, Michael Bentley, Michael Fenech, Chris Pownall.
Front Row. John Wilkie, John Devlin (RIP), Chris Walmsley (RIP) (deputy head boy), Adrian Dunn (RIP) (head boy), Tom McNally, Mick Forde (RIP), Rob Shawcross.
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Prefects 1961-1962
Back Row. Bill Wright (RIP), Martin Lord, John Naylor, Paul Nixon, Brian McCarthy.
Front Row. David Wright, Vincent Naylor, Adrian Dunn (RIP) (head boy), Frank Cornwell, Roger Swarbrick.
Prefects 1962-1963.
Back Row.    Frank Greenhalgh, J McKeown, L Brown, D Tookey, Martin McBride.
Middle Row. M Walsh, Tom Myerscough, B Kevill, S Hickey, P Brookbank.
Front Row.   Dave Wright, Roger Swarbrick, Tony Hart (Head boy), R Green, M Nathan, J Hencher.
4 Alpha 1972-1973
Back Row.     Martin Ward, John Bilsborrow, John Kirk, Paul Buschini (RIP), Sean Mills, Paul Maguire, Paul Latham, Peter Cam, Mick Kasmir, Ged Rainor.
Third Row.     Paul Dunhill, Shaun Kelly, Joe Monaghan, John Norris, Alan Losty, Steve Woodhouse, Anthony Albert, William Wilcox, Kieran Heaney.
Second Row. Paul Whittle, Mark Chappell, Kieran Sullivan, Chris Baugh, Paul Kendall, Ian Stewart, Vinnie Cassidy, Nigel McNulty.
Front Row.     Mark Riches, Eric Rolinson (RIP), John Reed, Peter Cash (RIP), unknown, Mark Porter.
Upper 6th Form Science 1972/1973
Back Row.    Steve Friswell, Dave Clarkson, John Booth, Dave Atkinson, Tony Taig, unknown, Adrian Nutter, Brian Waugh, Kevin Wells.
Middle Row. unknown, Steve Doherty, Mick Bailey, Frank Gurney, unknown, Paddy Crossley, Mick Bennett, Paul Stafford.
Front Row.   Steve Foley, Bernard Alston, Aidan Crilly, Dave Lawson, Stefan Petry, Dave Campbell, Raymond McCrystal.
Upper 6th Form 1972/1973
Back Row.     unknown, John Booth, unknown, unknown, Tony Taig, Adrian Nutter, Brian Waugh, Dave Cam, Raymond McCrystal.
Third Row.     unknown, Frank Gurney, Steve Doherty, Paddy Crossley, Mick Bennett, Mick Swift, Mike Long, Chris Macklin, Paul Stafford.
Second Row. Simon McGrahan, Steve Foley, Bernard Alston, Aidan Crilly, Dave Lawson, Aidan Carr, Stefan Petry, unknown, unknown.
Front Row.     unknown, unknown, unknown, Dave Campbell, unknown.
Representatives of the 1971, 4th form, in the days when the bird's nest was the epitome of haut coiffure. Geoff Fenton tells me that he is now bald, and deservedly so as he 'abused the privilege of hair'.
Back Row.    Steve Dimuantes, Mick Bridge (Snod), Geoff Fenton, Peter Dobson, Kit Harrison.
Front Row.    Michael Collins, John Booth, Pete Ashworth ??, Ged Vaughan, Lance Parker, Dave Wood, Michael Eccles, Chris Dunne.
One of the 1971, 4th forms. top form  4X. 
Back Row.    John or Martin Bennett (twins), John Brown, John Turner, Stephen Kelleher, Dave King, Gerry Fitzpatrick.
Middle Row.  Martin Connelly, Denis Penswick, unknown, Frank Gregson (RIP), Martin Brennan, Paul Cripps, John or Martin Bennett (twins), Joe Taylor.
Front Row.    Kevin Johnson, Michael Gribbon, Chris Smith, Brendan Patterson, Michael Knott, Laurence Halsall, Paul Murphy, Arthur Baxter.
Another 1971, 4th form.  middle form. 
Back Row.    Peter Reynolds, unknown, John Lynch, Stephen Ashmole, Bernard Dobson.
Middle Row.  Anthony Lafferty, unknown, Dave Hodgson, Stefan Martins, Gerald Foley, Richard Statham, Paul Sherrington, Michael Hull.
Front Row.    Norman Agnew, Chris Long, Clifford Scott, Stephen Jones, Tony Kendal, unknown, ? Hillary, unknown.
3Z 1972/1973 (with Jim McGrahan looking decidedly old!)
Back Row.     Sean Harnett, Brendan Monks, Stuart Parr, John Gallagher, Michael Lavelle.
Third Row.     Anthony Parr, Paul Matthews, Robert Pasqualino, Andrew McKewan, Frazer Bagnall, Damian Roberts, Anthony Hoover, Paul Crosby, James Blackburn, John Hayhurst.
Second Row. James Jones, Giles Ennis, David Gerrard, Ian Bailey, Brian Wilson, Francis Kendall, Peter Brammar, Sean Kavanagh, John Holden, Paul Doughty.
Front Row.     Michael Towers, Martin Leopard, Mark Roberts, David Whiteside, Michael Meaney, Ian McVitie, Mark Browne.
Prefects 1959-1960.
Back Row.     M Fenech, Eddie Stark, David Cunningham, W Moss, I Luscombe, Maurice McCarthy, I Creamer, Eddie Welch.
Front Row.    C Parkinson, Peter Raleigh (RIP), Brian Shirley (Head Boy), Peter McCarthy (RIP), Bernard Smith, John Binns.
Tom Walsh. Head Boy,1950-51.
Parish Priest, Penrith & Appleby--- RIP

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4a and 4alpha 1955
Eddie Stark, Keith Burton, Peter Cross, Danny Brown, Jim Turner, Bill Moss, John Gauhn (hidden), Tony Craig, Frank Shorrock, Bernard Airey, David Riches.

St Edwards, Liverpool was a Christian Brothers school. Occasionally staff were transferred to or from Joe's. Here we see at Ted's Noddy Liddane, Jessie Ring, Teapot Coffey, and from the sixth form, a young and gauche Freddie Freeborough.

To see the Ted's website, click here.

Prefects 1965/1966
Back Row.   Harry Nicholls, Mick Beaumont, Philip Murray, Peter Campbell, Barry Smith, Mike Bridge, Fred Garner, Michael Page.
Front Row.   Phillip Hilton, John Matthew (RIP), John McHugh, W Sharples, John Ward (head boy), Paul Shakeshaft, Michael Beeston, unknown, Milan Hrabec, Peter Winstanley.
Webmaster's note. There were two John Ward's in the sixties, Good John Ward and Bad John Ward. The head boy above is Good John Ward. Bad John Ward went on to become this site's webmaster.

Prefects 1963/1964
Back Row.   David Lynch, Martin Miller, M Brindle, Keith Hindle, Peter Singleton, Peter Morgan, Harold Barnes, David Eccles, Edwin MacAuley.
Front Row.   Chris Swarbrick, John Oswell, Peter Gibbon, J McKeown, Tony Black (Head Boy), David Thompson, Paul Ryan, Gregory Smith.

prefects48.jpeg (67278 bytes) 

Prefects 1947/1948
Back Row.     Jim Worden, G Howarth, J Felton, J Curson, J Lonsdale, J Gildea.
Middle Row.  John Frehe, Johnny Moran, Brian Sweeney, P Cavanagh, Pat Nolan, Peter Kenyon (RIP).
Front Row.     David Henry, Ian Oyston (RIP), George Carman (RIP), John McConville (RIP), Bill McGrahan.

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Group photograph circa 1954/1955
Back Row.     Tom Lomas, Colin Condron, Frank Gahan, Michael Ireland.
Front Row.     John Burke, Michael Canning, Geoff Carrington.

University Scholarship Winners 1947

B Walmsley


P Ashworth

G Sinclair

George Carman (RIP)


J McConville

mag38b.jpg (78184 bytes)

Prefects 1951/1952
Back Row.    Bernard Drinkwater, Francis Bradbury, Stuart Walmsley, Philip Le Brun (RIP), Joe Romer, John Carrington (RIP), James Finch.
Front Row.   Chris McConville, Vicary Gibbs, James Hood, Paul Thorp (RIP), Allan Ellison, Brian Cronin.

Sixth formers circa 1964
Back Row.    Andy McNally, Peter Winstanley, Eoin O’Sullivan, Fred Garner, John Carter, William Lawton, Barry Smith, Edward Moore, John Ward, Julian Ward (RIP), John McHugh.
Front Row.   Michael Carter, Stephen Pownall, David Rose, Philip Hilton, Brian Flynn, Joe Snow, Michael Page, John Matthew (RIP), Tom Irvin, Milan Hrabec.
Being throttled by Snow.    Tony Pownall.

Prefects 1968/1969
Back Row.    P Fielding, R Ireland, P Ashworth, Kevin Meehan, A Starczewski, A Sumner, J Moody.
Middle Row. M Harrison, A Patterson, David Wells, P King, J Ellwood, K Lees, K Callon, Terry Taylor.
Front Row.    N Bibby, P Higgins, M Gould, A Hodgson, S Newell, M Ward.

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Staff 1966
Back Row.    D S Mills, T Pickford, J Armitage, D Podd, Taffy Johns, J K Hickey, Buttie Butterworth, Sutch Turner, A J Cronin, Charlie Charles, Wes Wareing, Mucker McKenna, Panker Le Brun, B Bristow, Carrots Carrington, OK O'Keefe, Egghead Atherton, Frank Francis.
Front Row.   A Priestley, G Brierley, Maggie McGrahan, Pop Schools, W X Ryan, Spike Mulligan, Snow Dowling, Bullwinkle Gaffney, F Cotterill, Tashe Worden, Nobby Naylor.

Freshers 1955. Taken in the school yard probably with the dayroom window behind.
Back Row.    Maurice Camacho, Brian Rafferty, Barry Spencer, ? Gribbon, ? O'Reilley.
Front Row.   David Lynch, Harold Barnes, unknown, Peter Fairhurst.

The group of boys who were confirmed in the college chapel in circa 1958/1959.
Ray Flynn is on the left of the second row. John Birtwistle is the top right. Peter Carter is on the back row, fifth from the left.

Upper 6th Boarders in 1963/1964
Back Row.   Paul Ryan (wearing the stylish tie)
Front Row.   Harold Barnes, Paul Lindsay, David Lynch, Donal O'Sullivan.

Young scientist of the year competition. 1953-4 The new chemistry lab and UVSc inmates.
Front Row. Michael Prada (RIP), D Carlile, A Welch, Terry Wall, J Comber.
P Creagan third row middle
Possibly P Cummings back row left

piercebarry.jpg (113697 bytes)

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Possibly prefects circa 1939/1941
Back Row. unknown, unknown.
Front Row. unknown, Pierce Barry (RIP), unknown.

1959prefects.jpg (139403 bytes)

Prefects 1958/1959
Back Row. Paddy Horan, Eddie Stark, Neil Stevenson, unknown, unknown, Andy Armstrong.
Front Row. Bill Moss, Pete Sinclair, Gerry Lucas, Paul Aukland (Head Boy), Jesse Legerd (Dep Head Boy), Ian Nixon, Bernard Smith.

Jock Fyfe's biology class in the 1950's. Anybody you recognise?

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