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Joe's was under the patronage of The Bishop of Lancaster. Every year a bishop came to visit, usually on Speech Day. Here are some of the bishops associated with Joe's.

Bishop T E Flynn. Bishop of Lancaster 1939-1961.

Bishop T B Pearson. Bishop of Sinda. 1949/1987

T B Pearson was only the suffragan bishop of Lancaster and as every bishop has to be nominally in charge of an area, he was appointed to the province of Sinda in Pakistan, which has few or no Christians. He had a Jaguar in which he raced along the M6, sometimes in excess of 100MPH. The M6 became known to his cronies as the 'Sinda Track'. The registration mark on his motor was SBF 1, which Pearson always said stood for ‘Sinda be ****ed’. Also Pearson supposed that his Episcopal motto ought to be ‘Peccavi’, Latin for ‘I have sinned (Sinda)’.

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