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Old photographs of Old Josh. The photograph on the left was found in an attic. Yellow with age, creased at the edges, covered with dirt and cobwebs, but they still let him carry on teaching.

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Josh in the old days.

 'Now Joshua was old and stricken in years' (Book of Joshua 13/1)

Josh now. 

Memento homo, quia pulvis es, et in pulverem reverteris. 

Josh's death notice in The Irish Independent.  click picture to enlarge.


Josh trying vainly to make himself look younger by appearing in the Sixth Form photograph.

Back row from left to right. David Hayward, Harry Brophy, Peter Creagan, Tony Lawson, George Neil, Mike McKenna (above Kevin Longton), Paul Smith, Peter Clarke, Toby Mathews, Dave Carlisle (glasses), Peter Lomas, John Cartmell, Denis Brophy, Graham Stuart, Terry Baxendale, Tom Kelly, Anthony Johnston.
Front row from left to right. Ewart Sandham, Louis Parkinson, Kevin Longton,  JOSH, Paul Marley, Michael Prada, Fred Helm, Malcolm Gibbon.
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Josh disguises himself as a sixth former. 14th June 1954.
Back row: B Swarbrick, Tom Kilbane, ? Clark, Anthony Fewell, C Condron, P Mallinson, P Hurst.
Third row: unknown, Michael Ireland, Ian O'Connor, H Wilcock, Geoff Carrington, unknown.
Second row: Michael Cartmell, Peter Holden, Michael Murray, Anthony McIntyre, Anthony Glenn, S Hay, A Hart, Raphael Lewthwaite, unknown, T Lomas, Michael Canning.
Front row: Gerald McEnerey, John Dean (RIP), Peter Carew, Peter Fewell, JOSH, Dennis Crompton, Tom Duddy, John Burke, John Bolton.
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