A Tribute To Larry Cassidy RIP

LAWRENCE JOHN CASSIDY. Born 18th April 1953. Died Feb 27th 2010. This tribute was written by his brother, Vin.  


Lawrence or Larry Cassidy was a pupil at St Johns Primary School in Poulton and then attended St Josephs College, including 6th form, from 1967 until 1974. After initially studying Law, he changed course to a degree in Fine Art at Maidstone College, where he graduated with a first. Larry always had fond memories of his time at St Joes, WXR included, and I well remember his 6th form years there as I would have been in the 1st and 2nd years there myself. His favoured mode of transport was his beloved Lambretta scooter, usually with a convent girl as pillion. Larry's enduring passion was always art and music. It was during his time at Maidstone and his forays into London, that he first discovered punk, and it was this that kindled his life long passion for writing and playing music.

It was Larry's very early association with Tony Wilson's seminal Manchester Record Label, Factory Records, that lead to our band Section 25 gaining a recording contract with them. At this time the band was a trio with other band member, Paul Wiggin, also an old St Josephs boy.

Larry was rightly proud of his bands achievements.....four albums on one of the most influential labels of our time, recording collaborations with Ian Curtis of Joy Division and also work with legendary producer, Martin Hannet, concerts/tours all over the world, and perhaps one of his bravest achievements.... coming back to music after his wife Jenny died (who also for a time played in the band) and recording 2 more albums on LTM... Part Primitive in 2007 and Nature and Degree in 2009.

After the shock of Larry's death, the family were heartened by the massive show of support from around the world, thousands of emails and also obituaries in the Guardian, Independent, NME, MOJO, Uncut etc. It was a measure of the esteem he is held in music circles around the world.

Larry left two children Nathaniel and Bethany.

more info www.section25.com

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