A Tribute To Joe Wilcock RIP

Joe Wilcock (Joes 1958/1966)  died on 24th October 2014. After leaving Joe's, he read medicine at The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and after qualification, emigrated to Canada. He practiced family medicine in Kitchener, Ontario and was an emergency physician in Sarina. 

These are the tributes paid by those who knew him.

Ray Wood (Joe's 1953/1965)

I was saddened to hear of Joe's death through the complications of Alzheimer's. We were friends particularly in the 6th form and in medical school. Joe came from near Kirkham where he attended the Willows Catholic Primary. He was the oldest of 3 brothers; there were also several Wilcock cousins so most years in the 60s at St. Joe's had a family member. His mother had a keen interest in his education and Joe wanted to emulate her brother who was a family doctor in her native Belgium.

After distinguishing himself in French, Chemistry and Geography at O-level Joe became one of the sextet who under Taffy Johns studied Zoology, a prerequisite for medical school. In addition to this, Joe became the only person to that date at St. Joe's to pass A-level Botany-completing the course in one year.

An event which stays in the memory of school days was when Joe aged about 14 at the time was studying outside the library one sunny lunch time with about 20 others. A cricket ball landed within the group. The cricketers comprised of several teachers and some 6th formers. When the ball wasn't returned Mr. Carrington who was playing came over and blamed Joe. Joe who had nothing to do with this protested his innocence. Amazingly Carrots who usually abhorred violence slapped Joe who tried to slap him back and was slapped again. About 4 years later when Joe and Carrots met just before Joe was due to leave school, Carrots profusely apologised for his mistake. Better late than never.

From 6th form Joe obtained a place at the Royal College of Surgeons joining Vinnie Nathan and myself. In Dublin the three of us kept close contact. in College Joe distinguished himself and became a demonstrator in Biology. Memories of student days in Dublin include a trip to Donegal where our hire car broke down and having to hitch back .There were many good nights of music and Joe only once succumbing to 4 pints of Special Brew.

Joe did clinical training in the Richmond, Temple Street and Rotunda and met Marguerite a nurse, marrying in 1971 and qualifying in 1972 before emigrating to Ontario where he worked as a family and emergency physician.

He is survived by Marguerite, his 3 children Joelle, Clodagh and Rob and two grandchildren Joe and Logan.



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