St Joseph's College Blackpool

Reunion Dinner. 2nd April 2022.


John V Ward (webmaster)

The Reunion Dinner took place on Saturday 2nd April 2022 at the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool. Here are some photographs of the event. Thanks to Paul Littler for these great group photos! We are always looking for more so if anybody has taken any photographs, please email me copies.

Table 1

John Barry Shaw, Howard Yates, Jack Hindle, Chris Eaves, Gerry Slavin. John Sheard, Tom Kelly, Michael Fenech.

Table 2

John Stewart, Edmund Welsh, Adrian Crook, Bernard Thraves, Tom McNally, Frank Alston, Adrian Denye, Tom Myercough.

Table 3

 Malcolm Crane, Ray Wood, Paul Littler, Billy McKenna, Michael Keegan.

Table 4

Desmond Crilley, Keith Horner, Kevin McGuiness, Peter Gilmour, Jim Molloy, Stephen Newell, Joe Wright. 

Table 5

Chris Baugh, Paul Maguire, Phil Swan, Michael Parr, Alan Losty.

Table 6

John Norris, Mike Gribbon, Tom Jaques, Julian Proctor, Nick Proctor, Stephen Kelleher.

Table 7

Michael Formby, James Hawes, Kevan Schools, Chris Snape, Mark Qualter, Alan Wallace, Terrence Westhead.

Three old boys reunited after a span of over fifty years! Frank Alston, Mike Keegan, Tom Myerscough.