St Joseph's College Blackpool

Reunion Dinner. 25th March 2017.


John V Ward (webmaster)

The Reunion Dinner took place on Saturday 25th March 2017 at the Cliffs Hotel, Blackpool. Here are some photographs of the event. 
Thanks to Paul Littler for these great group photos!
We are always looking for more so if anybody has taken any photographs, please email me copies.
I might have got some of the names wrong so if you see any mistakes, please email me.

Table 1

John Townend, Max Romer, Gerry Statham, Russell Taylor, Peter Hartley, David Lee, Barry Shaw.


Table 2


Table 3

 Joe Wright, Kevin McGuiness, Jim Molloy, Keith Horner, Stephen Newell, Gerard Bolton, Peter Gilmour.

Table 4

Harry Brophy, Denis Brophy, Mike Gallagher, Jim Etherington, Jack Hindle, Mike Murray, Malcolm Gibbon.

Table 5

Nick O'Keefe, John Ward, Andrew Aukland, Len Airey, Ray Wood, Adrian Crook, Adrian Denye, Vinnie Nathan.

Table 6

Philip Hilton, Michael Beaumont, Paul Shakeshaft, Gordon Ollivere, Martin O'Callaghan, Tony Lindsay, James Singleton.