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Old photographs of St Joseph's College. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

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Lasciate speranza, voi ch'entrate.

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A stone ball that once adorned the steps to the old house now resides in an Old Boy's garden!

Joe's from the south.

The school emblem was built into the wall of the new science block.

Now it adorns the lawn of Clifton House.

The two entrance columns remain in situ at the new housing estate. They now enclose a security gate.

The two capitals of the columns used to read 'ST JOSEPH'S' and 'COLLEGE'. When the housing estate was built, they were repainted 'COLLEGE CLOSE'. Now, due to weather erosion, you can see the original lettering asserting itself.

Joe's from Newton Drive 1980, not long before the bulldozers arrived.

Joe's gates in 1980. The penny-farthing symbolises The Christian Brothers' progressive mentality.

Layton Mount was built in 1894, by William Lumb,  a former yarn spinner from Huddersfield. His wife. Susannah, died in 1898 and was buried in Layton Cemetery. Lumb could see his wife's grave from the top floor of Layton Mount.

 William Lumb died in 1918 after suffering a heart attack on the train on his way home to Blackpool. He was buried with his wife in Layton Cemetery. Despite the circumstances of his death, the inscription reads 'His end was peace'.

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