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Old photographs of St Joseph' College.

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This is the 1962 school photograph.

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I am reliably informed that these are the names of the staff in the photograph. (left to right)
Dotty Coackley Cordon Bleu Chef
Noddy Liddane English/Ignorance
Nobby Naylor Physics (Careers. ha ha ha!)
Slaps Hassett Geography/Maths
Egghead Atherton Music in the basement
  Burke English
  Brierley Maths
  Lavin French
Mucker McKenna French/Latin
  Cartmell Maths/Physics
Carrots Carrington French
Charlie Charles History/Latin/Stupidity/Brutality
W X R Ryan later to be Headmaster
Panker Le Brun French/Having the piss taken out of him
Josh O'Leary Latin/Maths/Card games
Bung Carroll Headmaster
Snow Dowling Physics
  Smailes Geography
Freddie Freeborough Physics
Bullwinkle Gaffney English
Gilbert O'Sullivan Geography
Jimmy Johns Chemistry/Biology
Maggie McGrahan English/History/Prep2
Pop Schools PE/English
Guffie McGovern Maths
  Hickey History/Geography/Sadism
Wez Waring French
  Unknown (pearly lady)  
Paddy O'Brien History/Music/Brutality/Pederasty

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