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Old photographs of St Joseph' College.

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This is the 1966 school photograph, although the date says 'April 1967'. I think I am right in saying that the school photograph was taken every 2 years, in September or October. It would seem that in 1966, the photo shoot was delayed until the following April.

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I am reliably informed that these are the names of the staff in the photograph. (left to right)
W X R Ryan later to be Headmaster
Freddie Freeborough Physics
Buttie Butterworth Geography, Economics
Guffie McGovern Maths
Ali Barber Art
Peebles O'Sullivan  
Slaps Hassett Geography, Maths
Nobby Naylor Physics (Careers. ha ha ha!)
Charlie Charles History, Latin, Stupidity, Brutality
Tony Smailes Geography
  Hickey History, Geography, Sadism
Bullwinkle Gaffney English
Panker Le Brun French, Having the piss taken out of him
Josh O'Leary Latin, Maths, Card games
Spike Mulligan Headmaster
Sutch Turner English
Pierre Lavin French
Mucker McKenna Latin
Tash Worden English
Jimmy Johns Chemistry, Biology
Deadrocks Livingstone  
Pop Schools PE, English
  Brierley PE, Maths, Prep1
Maggie McGrahan English, History, Prep2
Holt Physics
Wez Waring French
Carrots Carrington French
Egghead Atherton Music in the basement

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