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In 1984, when Joe's closed down, the staff held a celebration party just before the bulldozers arrived.

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"What's a nice bird like you doing in a place like this?"

"I see you can now get Boddingtons in cans."
"Yes, Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo. All down the Riviera."


"If you took your specs off, babe, you might look good."
"If I had no specs on, even you might look good."

The bulldozers are at the gate and there's still somebody who hasn't finished his homework.

The idea of holding all classes simultaneously in the staffroom was never going to work.

"I arrest you for impersonating a teacher. You were fooling no-one with that clean jacket." 

"Today's lesson, boys, will be about the deleterious effects of smoking on the human body."

 "That looks to me suspiciously like a parcel bomb but I'm going to open it anyway. I don't care if the school comes crashing down around me."

Say goodbye to grey shirt misery with new Shields, the whiter than white powder.

You can't see the  join from here.

At the end, the remaining seven teachers were fired. Three of them, however, got jobs with the demolition company.

"So far, so good. You've removed the pin from the grenade. Now, chuck it!"

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