OBITUARY OF JOHN THOMPSON; Killed in action, World War II .

Obituary by J McGrahan

He attended the College from 1932 to 1938, during which time he earned the respect and friendship of all who knew him. On leaving the College he was appointed to the staff of Lloyds Bank, Sleaford, Lincs. Shortly after this he volunteered for the RAF, and in August 1940, he was called up. He graduated as Sergeant Pilot in the April of 1941, and after a brief period at an Operational Training Unit, he was posted to No. 218 Bomber Squadron. After completing 28 bombing missions with his squadron, he was posted to No. 138 Squadron, which was engaged on Special Duties. It was from this Squadron on the night of March 27-28 1942, that he was reported missing presumed killed. 



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