Obituary of Herbert Matthew Wright; Killed in action, World War II .

Obituary by J McGrahan

He joined the l37th Blackpool Field Regiment, R.A., and was sent with them for service in Malaya. During the Japanese drive down the peninsular in 1941, he was, with four others, separated from his unit and lived tor several months in the jungle. Finally however, they were forced to give themselves up in January, 1942.

He was lodged in Puchu Jail, Kuala Lumpur and for a time it looked as if he would recover from the privations he had suffered in the jungle. The terrible food provided by the Japanese was uneatable to one in so weak a condition and his dysentery got worse. He never lost hope and continually talked of home and the future. He lingered on until June when he rapidly became worse. Everything was done for him by his friends and the non-catholic Padre persuaded the Japanese to allow a French priest from Kuala Lumpur to administer the last Sacraments. Herbert died on June 24th 1942, and was given a Christian burial and later a requiem mass was offered for his soul.

A fine tribute to him is paid by the Padre who did so much for him:- Gracious, quiet, devoted in his Faith and his life, he bore his illness with the utmost fortitude and Christian resignation. 

St. Joseph's can indeed be proud of such a hero, who showed great devotion to his religion, country and fellow men.

Kuala Lumpur, Cheras Road Civil Cemetery, Malaysia, where Herbert Wright is buried.


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