OBITUARY OF FRANK FARRAND; Killed in action, World War II .

Obituary by J McGrahan

Frank Farrand came to St. Joseph's in September 1933, and left in July 1938. During this time he distinguished himself in the classroom, and at his greatest interest, music. It is for his music that he is chiefly remembered by most of us, for Frank won Gold and Silver medals at the Morecambe Festival, and the coveted Gold Medal at the Blackpool Festival. 

After leaving school, Frank entered the Civil Service, and from there joined the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry in May, 1941. After two years service at home, he volunteered to serve in a Reconnaissance Unit abroad, and was sent to the Warwickshire Yeomanry in Palestine, in September 1943. After training and service in Palestine, Egypt and North Africa, he went with his regiment to Italy, where they joined the 78th British Division. He travelled up Italy behind the retreating Germans to Castiglioni, where real contact was made with the enemy rearguards on 13th June. Frank's tank was heavily engaged near Orvieto, and had a very narrow escape. Two days of continuous fighting followed, until, on June 15th, his tank was trapped in an enemy ambush and set on fire. The crew escaped and scattered for cover; but as he ran, Frank was caught in machine-gun fire and killed instantly. He is buried in the 78th British Division Cemetery in Orvieto. 

Frank Farrand had done his duty, and no greater epitaph can be written for any man. His name will live as long as there is a Blackpool Musical Festival, for there, every year, young pianists compete for the "Frank Farrand Trophy," donated by his parents in his memory.


This is the Frank Farrand Trophy of the Blackpool Festival for Music, Dance & Speech. It is currently being used for the Pianoforte Solo - Open - Any age - French Composer born after 1860 (maximum 6 minute performance). 


Frank Farrand is buried in Orvieto War Cemetery, Grave Reference I, C, 9.
Address: Cippo dei Sette Martiri, 113 - 5019 Ciconia Orvieto (TR) Umbria, Italy.
GPS Co-ordinates: Latitude: 42.726389, Longitude: 12.150000.
Here you can see the cemetery with the city of
Orvieto in the background.

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