In the Sixties, Carrots Carrington directed, produced and took part in a film of the Goon genre. This low budget movie called Bazonka filmed on a Rolls cine camera never made it to the wide screen but you can view it now in all its aesthetic glory.

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Bazonka starring Carrots Carrington, co-starring Dick Turner, Bob Freeborough, Mike Johns, Jim McKenna, Tony Smailes, Harry Critchley, Bob Burke, Bill Naylor with a cast of thousands. The final section is the 1966 Outdoor Pursuits Week at Lake Llangorse led by Kevin Hickey and John Cartmell: Camping, Canoeing, Pony Trekking and Dinghy Sailing. Participants travelled down to South Wales on World Cup Final Day! They include Tony Dowdall, John Gregson and Kevin Walmsley.

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